1995.Just five years after Cold War had ended,the world is in brink of a global war.Yugoslav War had ended,thanks to Soviet support although EU protests.The Soviet Union battled against separatists at home.After reports of human rights violations by the Yugoslav People's Army and Soviet Army,UN decided to give sanctions to Soviet Union and Yugoslavia,however,of course,vetoed by Soviet Union.Meanwhile,United States and United Kingdom,believed that a invasion is the only possible way,influenced by their success in Gulf War.Japan is forced to remove Article 9 in order to use the Japanese Self Defense Force for the upcoming invasion of Soviet Union.In the Soviet 1995 elections,Boris Yeltsin lost to Gennady Zyuganov.Zyuganov had expected a possible invasion,so he strenghtened ties with North Korea,China,Cuba,Vietnam and Yugoslavia and geared up economy for war.However,Kremlin inaccurately predicts that the war starts in 2000.They were dead wrong.

00.00,5 May 1995,infiltrated commandos and spies sabotaged designated targets while NATO air units blasted targets.Due to the sabotage and confusion,Kremlin only responded a day after the attack.Self-Defense Militia,police,military and some civilians fought against NATO ground forces assault.Within another few days,the world will witness the start of the last destructive war of the 20th Century.

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