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Blood of Rome

In this timeline, the ATL diverges from OTL after the Battle of Allia. The Senone Gauls are not confronted in Italy after the battle and continued on to occupy and raze the city of Rome during the early Roman Republic, circa. 360 B.C.


The Gallic belligerents are never confronted. Using Rome as a foothold, the Senone Gauls invade the rest of Hellenic Italy, squashing the Roman Empire before it can ever begin.


Circa. 360 B.C.

Gallic Chief Brennus establishes the Senone Tribe's new territory in the former Roman Republic.

Various other cultures in the Italian peninsula are helpless as a flood of Celtic attackers and immigrants slowly make their way down into Italy.

Gallic immigrants reach into Silicy and extinguish most traces of Hellenic society from Italy.

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