Terrorist attacks on America gradually increase to a new height after the event at 9/11, prompting the United States and NATO to send more military personnel and equipment to Iraq. The recent revolutions in Northern Africa and the Middle East known in OTL are suppressed by the United States. Tensions between the Third World and First World powers are very tight, not to mention the strange new changes brought about: Muslim Extremists and Pirates in a working alliance, Asian factory companies in both the homeland and America, and a huge wall on the American-Mexican border? What else could be seen in a world where terrorists brought about Blood Rain?

Note: This is not a copy of the Live History "The Occupation", some may believe it is but overall it is not.


All news will be shown by the following networks (there are more involved, but these should be enough):

  • New York Times
  • Fox News
  • BBC



March 6th, 2011: Violent protesters kill four Soldiers

(I'll edit this later)

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