Map of WWI combatants: Green Allies, Orange Central Powers & Grey Neutral.

Blood War and Empire's (BWE), is an alternative history, with dates starting from November 1918 to present day. The context of this Alternative history is based on the outbreak of a "Zombie" virus on early 20th century earth and the aftermath of said outbreak.

1918, and just as the USA announces its intention to support its Western Allies on European Soil, the death toll of the First World War (WWI) reaches 9 million.

Germany 1918 - 1924

While the German Wermartch fight a bitter war on several fronts in Europe, deep in the Kaiser's secret war labrotories, in Dortmond West Germany, a much more dangerous threat lurks.

The outbreak of public disorder and "German Flu" in October 1918 resulted in most of Germany's army being withdrawn from the European front to maintain public order and support the health system. With the allies on the verge of crossing the Germans border, the Weimar Republic ousted the Kaiser and begun peace negotiations in November, with an Armistice being signed on 11th November 1918.


Armistice is signed in Paris, France. November 1918.

The Allies severely hindred the new Weimar Republic by forcing the Treaty of Versailles on the Germans, which resulted in a significantly amount of pre-war German lands being divided between a variety of nations and the once mighty Wehrmacht Army being ultimately dwindled down to 100,000 personnel upon the restoration of order in Germany and quarantine of the "German Flu".

By July 16th 1921 the outbreak of "German Flu" had been quarantined, and order restored. However this period of disorder was not without its casualties, claiming the lives of 2.5 million citizens and soldiers of the Weimar Republic and leading to the destruction of Dortmund and thousands of acres of German farm land.

At this point the German authorities and League of Nations observers denied any reports of re animated and violent flu sufferers, and to prevent any possible future out breaks of "German Flu", the Weimar agreed to allow the British and French joint military force, known as the Dortmund Brigade to actively occupy the Dortmund Ruins and surrounding areas affected by the virus.

On the 9th November 1923, nationalist and war veteran Adolf Hitler, leading the Nazi Party and General Ludendorff, leading a small detachment of German Soldiers, marched on Munich and with support from the Bavarian Government and police declared Nazi rule over Bavaria and its intention to march on the Weimar Republic in Berlin and Weimar.

Following a mild civil war, between November 1923 and April 1st 1924 known as the Winter Crisis, Hitlers National Socialist Party supported by the State Governments of Bavaria, Prussia, Brunswick and the City States of Hamburg and Bremen, the Nazi's declared victory over the Government Forces.


Hitler shakes hands with party officials, following fall of Wiemar.

The Anglo/French Dortmond Brigade at this time remained neutral for the whole conflict, maintaining the security of the Dortmund Quarantine Zone (DQZ). The British Government and French Government even detached an armoured division each, by permission of both Hitler's coup administration and the Weimar Republic. The unit was sent to specifically exclude civilians fleeing fighting and battles from entering the DQZ.

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