• Orgathball

    Im trying to make a Timeline about a Socialist Oceania, inspired by a game of Conflict of Nations, WW3 i played. I cam up with the idea since we made a coalition with Indonesia, Veitnam, Japan, Australia, and me (New zealand). Philipines left early on and we killed him like we had just killed Russia and China at that point. Id like somebody to help me make a timeline cuase i new here

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  • AlthistWriter

    Which Map?

    January 13, 2019 by AlthistWriter

    Hi guys and gals, just wanted some advice on which version of map I should use, which one do you prefer, like better, etc. Cheers and thanks for your time.

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  • OnlyCharmanderOrange

    My thing so far

    December 30, 2018 by OnlyCharmanderOrange

    I don't know what to call it.

    Anyways, here are the main things in my timeline that alter history...

    EUROPE: France wins the Napoleonic wars.

    SOUTH AMERICA: Things do not change much after the Latin American countries gain independence from Spain? (HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS)


    • Cuba and Puerto Rico (and the Philippines in Asia) gain independence at the same time as their mainland counterparts. They go on to take over the Carribean.
    • Stephen F. Austin never writes a letter to his delegates that Mexico doesn't care.

    AFRICA: The Scramble for Africa fails when the natives (including Boers) successfully fight off the Europeans.


    • The Majapahit Empire fights off Dutch and other European colonization.
    • The Mughal Empire fights off the Bri…

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  • United Kingdom Ball United

    I am a mapper called United Kingdom Ball United

    (i want to start a mapping program to encourage making your own maps or using someone else's map for a template of you maps for your mapping videos/content)


    This is just for starters to watch to get a good chance of learning one type of dialect obviously i know other dialect but this one just stand out...

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  • Matthew0057


    December 19, 2018 by Matthew0057

    I have a question for those who have been with AltHistory wikia for a long time how do you creat templates its starting to bug me?

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  • Tnicholas


    November 21, 2018 by Tnicholas

    How do I get my own sandbox

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  • Warrioroffreedom123

    When I make this Blog post, be aware I have been on this wiki for a while. I am no Crony account. So that is that. Now to the point.

    It's time for a Pardon of the Cronies


    • The person most involved in the more recent Drama, United Republic, is no longer within our community or active.
    • The cronies by now have ceased all alleged malicious activity, and simply own a very humorous reddit.
    • The extreme Anti Crony mob mentality earlier became a sign of crushing opposition to the administration - we would benefit from closing this dark chapter.
    • It would prove to assist in clearing up the allegations from earlier, many dubious when examining evidence.
    • They have done many great contributions, ones that cannot be overturned. 

    No, I am not delegitmizing th…

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  • SomethingToDo

    bye fam

    November 6, 2018 by SomethingToDo

    think issue that it is that lack of anybody being active in alt-history genre and always about map games and also the lack of anything creative too

    ironic enough I think best place for alt-history in moment is Scratch it have enough freedom for you to make creative alt-history unlike this wiki will ever have 

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  • SomethingToDo

    Cute WWII Cats

    November 4, 2018 by SomethingToDo

    Only cute kittys from WWII because who know maybe these cute kittys could start world war II

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  • SomethingToDo

    Got silly maps? Place them inside here.

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  • SomethingToDo

    Photos of only slavic alt-history.

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  • Stephenfisher2001

    Today, Marketing 8 Years After My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Was Release In October 10th, 2010. It Took Place In The Land Of Equestria. This Causing The Starting Of Fan Made Of My Little Pony Fandom, And Bronycon. Here Is The Map For You, Or Bronies And My Little Pony Fans. Hope You Like It ;)

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  • Colgan dog

    So i’m Thinking of other ways Great Britain could become a republic without doing the usual commonwealth surviving as the POD. I’m looking for other ways for a republican Britain that do not include the Cromwells what do ever. Cybermats, created by the Cybermen, they kill by feeding off Brainwaves 12:04, October 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • SomethingToDo

    what about if John Lennon was not killed or we still use those crappy shields in WW1? anything I dare to god I want more what if WHAT IF PEOPLE MAKE WHAT IF what if I have 100% grammar what if?

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  • The Godly Terrarian

    Hey guys! I have been around in the community for a long time, but now I am starting to make a timeline. Can anyone tell me how to make custom maps? I can work on the computer, but the I-Pad is better. Thanks!

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  • Gmhappy1000


    September 5, 2018 by Gmhappy1000

    Adding articles to extra categories for convenience in 1983:Doomsday.

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  • Beltain47

    the first time hogan slams andre is there first meet and match don't belive me type in youtube andre and hogans first meet and match and watch it you will see hogan slam andre.

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  • Gmhappy1000

    1983 : Doomsday

    September 1, 2018 by Gmhappy1000

    Interested in the 1983: Doomsday very much that I am joining the timeline.

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  • SomethingToDo
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  • Gillan1220

    This story is my testimony of what I was doing during World War III when it broke out on December 21/22, 2012.

    I was a 16 year old, high school student back then.

    I had a fun day today at Doreen's house as we celebrated her 16th birthday. I was with my classmates plus some other year levels. Had a great time exploring the hillside with the beautiful city lights of Cebu.

    Now the next thing I look forward to would be Christmas break which would start four days.

    Location: B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy

    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

    Today is the Christmas program in our school. Can't believe me, my Japanese classmate, some second years and these high school freshies are placed in this godforsaken room dressed up as Imperial Russians. At least I;m with Joshvic …

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  • VXHarrier

    Challenge time

    June 25, 2018 by VXHarrier

    I have a challenge for the people of the AltHistory Wiki, Create a full backstory and reality for this map I've created, you can have as many points of divergence as you want just create a justified world for this world. but here's a sub challenge, avoid WWII as a point of divergence, start the story prior to that and have it be as minor as possible. Here is the map, and good luck!

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  • Chrisforprez101

    My first Post!

    June 23, 2018 by Chrisforprez101

    Imagine a world without Donald Trump. Imagine Hillary was president in this dimension.

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  • Someone i think

    Hello everyone, I have been working on the City Beneath the Waves scenario, which explores an alternate timeline in which Atlantis was real, had an empire and sank beneath the ocean. I have a problem however, I can’t seem to find any pictures or drawings of an sunken city. If anyone has a picture could they react with either a link to the site it’s on or send the picture itself. Thanks

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  • DasBull$

    President Trotsky

    June 3, 2018 by DasBull$

    In my timeline, Alexander the Liberator, I have been struggling to figure out how Leon Trotsky could become President of the United States. The only time period in which Trotsky could gain this position is the Great Depression, even then I think that most readers would find the idea of Trotsky becoming President to be nothing but ASB. The only thing that I could come up with is that Trotsky lies about his origin and uses charisma as a weapon to gain power (like Adolf Hitler). Granted, someone would've probably figured out Trotsky's lies due to his involvment in the Revolution of 1905 in Russia, but in AtL, the 1905 revolution is not as big as in our timeline. Nonetheless, trying to figure out Trotsky in AtL is troubling.DasBull$ (talk) 05:11…

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  • BernardPaulieCarpio

    Hi Im your friendly neighborhood Motherfucker who doesn't actually care for you IF you dont care about my ideas and vision. So you have no choice, oh wait you have. Fuck Determinism, we all have free will. Fuck religion. Eventhough Im studying in the bestest university in the Philippines (fuck UP) - the Ateneo de Manila. Believe it or not motherfucker. Shit nobody can stop me even my finals will be tommorrow. This is how I ease myself with the obligation of being a good citizen and a good pawn to the national economy, to study and work hard to kiss the Jews asses who dont even care about me, while at the same time not intentionally fucking up lower class people to make myself feel a little sense of superiority. But in the back of my mind, …

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  • Haven12

    Alternate History Game

    April 5, 2018 by Haven12

    Hi All,

    I thought this might interest some of you, and could probably be used to create an article here. I am part of a community that plays openworld alternate history RPs online.

    The correct world started in 1701 (we are now in 1718) with several PODs from 1650 on (Backstory is here- ). Anyway, the way it works is each player has a nation and we RP that nation with roughly each RL week = 1 in game year. There are certain rules (dealing with theeconomy, colonies, military etc.) and a mod. It's a pretty cool community and we have a need for new players as some had to drop out. I would imagine anyone who joined would find it a really good basis …

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  • Ty Rezac

    The debate on gun laws

    March 27, 2018 by Ty Rezac

    Hello guys, I will not be returning to this wiki but I just wanted to know your view on this big issue in the united states at the moment. Should we have restrictions on guns. First I'm going to say, I have no problem with people owning guns but I do think we should do something to stop guns getting into the hands of the mentally ill so easily. As you can see by this map, gun ownership in no way effects a quality of life in any way because countries such as norway, sweden, switzerland, austria, canada have high gun ownership but also low homicide rates. I just wanted to know where you guys follow with this.

    Info from wikipedia

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  • ScienceGuy44

    New to the Wiki.

    March 25, 2018 by ScienceGuy44

    As the title says, I'm a bit of a newcomer; I quite like the idea of the whole wiki and it looks like it'd be really quite fun to partake in writing fictional accounts of history; I'm sure you're all pretty passionate about your works, and that sort of passion really quite inspires me to have a crack at it myself. Being a bit of an aficionado for all things mid-20th-century, I quite like the idea of putting my own take on the century and its events.

    Having given the rules a light reading, and this query applies more to admins if they do happen to glance at this, I'd very much like to know; in regards to licensed properties, say Dr. Who or even the Archers, would it be permissible to tie in, say, a cartoon world to a user's particular take o…

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  • 2Hats

    What is the link?

    March 18, 2018 by 2Hats

    What is the link to the discord?

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  • Vandenhoek

    Fallout Map Game

    February 28, 2018 by Vandenhoek

    Hello, my friends and I recently started a new map game based on the Fallout video games:

    I apologize if advertising is not allowed here, but I noticed that the map game wiki is not very active and many of its users are here. So Althist if you are interested please give it a look.

    Sincerly Vandenhoek (talk) 02:32, February 28, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Toby2

    What happened to this place?

    February 13, 2018 by Toby2

    Damn this is the first time i've actually looked around in about a year or so. Compared to even a year or two ago? this place is in shambles. I dont remember it ever being this dead. It seems like all plausibility in the somehow not dead yet map games and the timelines has been thrown out the window, and activity is at an all time low.

    I used to spend so much time here back in 2013/2014. Its weird how much its fell off. Not criticizing anyone, sites come and go, but FUCK its like a piece of my past died.

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  • LMMSkits

    Whenever i try to, it says that it is not valid. anybody know why? 

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  • ArmsSpaghetti

    One Month Anniversary

    January 11, 2018 by ArmsSpaghetti

    It has been a whole month since I joined the wiki and I have enjoyed learning how to use the wiki. Over this first month period, I have contributed 359 edits (albeit mainly on my own timeline pages). I have learned much more about templates, categorising and the general format of wiki-style pages. I look forward to continuing to contribute and read others timelines. Although I haven't communicated with many I would like to especially thank NuclearVacuum for his help and warm welcome.

    ArmsSpaghetti (talk) 10:52, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Nathan1123

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    As many of you know, I have been compiling my own parody of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Not only is it updated to the modern day, but I replaced all the characters with people who are (were) frequently found on the wiki: Past, Present, and Future. Enjoy!

    Table of Contents:

    • Stave I
    • Stave II
    • Stave III
    • Stave IV
    • Stave V

    Dramatis Persona:

    Stave I and V:

    • User:CrimsonAssassin as Ebeneezer Scrooge
    • User:NuclearVacuum as Jacob Marley
    • User:Monster Pumpkin as Nephew Fred
    • User:JoshTheRoman as Bob Crachit
    • User:Ace009 and User:The.Brick.Battle as charity officers
    • User:Octivian Marius as the caroler boy

    Stave II:

    • User:NonEuclidean as sister Fannny
    • User:Commandante Lemming as Fezziwig
    • User:Fedelede as Dick Wilkins
    • User:PitaKang as the mi…
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  • FilipinoMan
    I do NOT want to get another duplication violation....

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  • Stepintime

    Greetings everyone,

    Abya Yala

    Unexpectedly I missed the Friday which was scheduled for the third installment of this blog. Never mind, we are still sailing forth on as planned.

    Today we are covering the timeline Abya Yala written by early alternate history wiki  user Chlewey in 2007. Chlewey was also the author of several other timelines. 

    This timeline though a single page was chosen for its premise. While several times focus on a different or surviving Pre-Columbian civilization as in the case of the featured timelineAztec Empire   none that I have seen featured the Caribbean Sea as a major player. 

    In this world the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico becomes something of a Mediterranean Sea in the Americas. The diversity of islands, sea ro…

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  • Stepintime

    Roman Printing

    So have you reached the end of your work week? Or do you have a long weekend of jobs/school work before you? No matter, take a break and welcome to the second installment of Forgotten Fridays bringing to you the lost and undiscovered worlds of humanity.

    Twelve years ago an anonymous user created Roman Printing  and then left for the community to work on.

    Here is imagined a Roman World which develops by means of a small entrepreneur the means to stamp individual letters quickly to a large audience. Later stolen by the central government, printing changes the scope of Rome in the context of administration and the spreading of unofficial ideas. Over seven articles long we can imagine how the ancient world changed for both the rule…

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  • Stepintime


    At twelve years of age Alternate History wiki is a living testiment to the creativty of web users all around the globe and diversity of historical perceptives

    Simpily, put so many flowers have bloomed here that they have buried themselves beneath the soil, outside of the Sun's reach.

    So, we begin our Forggoten Fridays. Every week here a succifecntly old timeline will be presented, at least for the start most of thease will be at least five years old. Emphasis will be put on works which came from the 2000's.

    We have,

    Cambrige Computing 

    A story where love between two mathematicans start the development of alternative intelligence over four decades early in the 1940's. Both unconvential in their time Alan Turing and Ludwig Wittgenstein …

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    New map game

    November 3, 2017 by ISSACANGEW

    it should take place in 1777 OTL history name Sprirt of 77 any want to help 

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  • Tullin

    Mijn land is van U.

    Mijn land,is  van U,

    Bolwerk der slavernij, van jou zing ik;

    Land waar mijn vaders stierven,

    Waar mannen hun rechten van de mens afrotten,

    Van alle bergen zal je daden ringen/bellen!

    God van onze vaders! aan U

    Auteur van Vrijheid, tot U zingen wij;

    Binnenkort kan ons land helder zijn,

    Met het recht van heilige vrijheid,

    Bescherm ons door Uw macht, grote God, onze koning.

    Het komt, de vreugdevolle dag,

    Als de trots van de tirannie zwaait, stern als het graf,

    Wordt op de grond gezet,

    En de vlag van de vrijheid, onverwacht,

    Zal over de hele wereld zwaaien, elke slaaf.

    Trump van blij jubileum!

    Echo der land en zee vrijheid voor iedereen.

    Laat de blije tijdschrift vliegen,

    En elk mens antwoord,

    'Glorie aan God in het hoog', bij de val van de sl…

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  • Tullin

    My country,' tis of thee, 

    Stronghold of slavery, of thee I sing; 

    Land where my fathers died, 

    Where men man’s rights deride, 

    From every mountainside thy deeds shall ring!

    Our father’s God! to thee, 

    Author of Liberty, to thee we sing; 

    Soon may our land be bright, 

    With holy freedom’s right, 

    Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King.

    It comes, the joyful day, 

    When tyranny’s proud sway, stern as the grave, 

    Shall to the ground be hurl’d, 

    And freedom’s flag, unfurl’d, 

    Shall wave throughout the world, O’er every slave. 

    Trump of glad jubilee! 

    Echo o’er land and sea freedom for all. 

    Let the glad tidings fly, 

    And every tribe reply, 

    “Glory to God on high,” at Slavery’s fall. 

    My country,' tis of thee, 

    sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing; 

    land where …

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  • Sheikh Sultan
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  • Nathan1123


    I dispense with formalities, as this will probably not reach the RADAR of people who should be reading it anyway.

    As I said in my last blog post, a lot of my time is being taken up 90% of the time with myriads of people seeking my help for their emotional distress. First, I want to iterate that, even after all this time, my love for all and my desire to see people conquer their demons has not diminished. I will always be here as a paraclete for anyone who needs it at any time. 

    In fact, most of the frustration of this post is not to do with people who need help at all, rather the opposite. Now it seems my time is entirely taken up by people after I helped them. Now, my time on Discord is a constant discussion with people on every singl…

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  • Tullin


    Heer, laat het prinsenvolk der oude Nederlanden niet ondergaan in haat,in broedertwist en schande,

    maak dat uit d’ oude bron nieuw leven nogmaals vloeit,

    schenk ons de taaie kracht om fier, vol vroom vertrouwen, met nooit gebroken moed ons land herop te bouwen:

    tot statig als een eik voor U ons volk herbloeit!


    Lord, do not let the prince people of the old Netherlands undergo hate,brotherly quirrels and shame,

    make the new life flow again, 

    Give us Raw power to be proud,Full pious trust,with never breaking courage to rebuild our lands

    Build Up stately as an oak before you blossom Our people.

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  • Diamondcup


    August 1, 2017 by Diamondcup

    is there a chat for this wiki? i dont know if its just me but the discord link in the community announcements thing isnt working and i've been seeing everywhere about this chat thing

    is it the wikia chat? abbreviation for talk page? i dont know if this has been explained anywhere or something but please link me the article if it is or explain to me ok thanks

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  • KingCor1

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  • Sheikh Sultan

    algo 441

    July 14, 2017 by Sheikh Sultan

    • Balochoistan state:76

    • '  population: '(300,000):

    • Government:Iq’at  - +5

    • Economy: Tier II - +

    • Technology:Tier III - +

    • Persia: 75

    • Population: (10 million): 40

    • Government: Elective Monarchy: 5

    • Economy Tier III: 10

    • Technology Tier IV: 20

    • persia:40.75

      • Army Size: (16,250) = (48.75)

      • Location:

      • Great Leader: +0

      • Attrition: +0

      • Blunder:

    Balocistan: + 40.5

      • Army Size: (2,250) (6.75)

      • Navy Size: 0

      • Location:

      • Great General: +0

      • Attrition: +0

      • Blunder:

    • Result

      • Persia:

      • Balchoistan:

      • Battle Tier: Tier 3

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  • ValeriaThorne

    This is a fanfiction I am currently writing about the timeline of Apocalypse: 2012 in Philippines, with my timeline of my Cervo Family, the Philippines, which is called "Dark Christmas". The Philippines page can be found here: Republic of the Philippines. Make sure to check it out before reading this fanfic, so you know what's going on. Enjoy!

    Warning: Intense violence, feeling emotional sad and strong language. Rated M.

    Chapter 1: New Dark Age

    December 21, 2012

    21:27 - Josiah was using the computer, and he thinks of world news, when he switched to BBC World News to see what's happenning, and while watching, he saw all nuclear weapons launched ateach other and then when nuclear missiles struck the world, BBC World News are commpletely off-air s…

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  • Firesofdoom

    Welcome to the first installment of the Alternative History Timeline Contest! Here, you write your timeline, and then after a few months, we find a winner. This installment's theme is Dank Dar Al-Islam, and after some basic rules, we can on our way.

    Basic Rules

    • Each timeline must be 10,000 words or fewer, and contained within one page. Maximum of 1 image per 300 words, so a maximum of around 33 images.
    • Each Timeline must have a stated Point of Divergence at the top of the page, though user discretion is given as to how to write it out.
    • Make sure it is clear from looking at the page who submitted the timeline, though user discretion is given as to where to put it.
    • All timelines should be categorized as "Timeline Contest (Theme Name)"
    • If you make a t…
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  • Firesofdoom

    Welcome to the first installment of the Alternative History Timeline Contest! Here, you write your timeline, and then after a few months, we find a winner. This installment's theme is Dank Dar Al-Islam, and after some basic rules, we can on our way.

    Basic Rules

    • Each timeline must be 10,000 words or fewer, and contained within one page. Maximum of 1 image per 300 words, so a maximum of around 33 images.
    • Each Timeline must have a stated Point of Divergence at the top of the page, though user discretion is given as to how to write it out.
    • Make sure it is clear from looking at the page who submitted the timeline, though user discretion is given as to where to put it.
    • All timelines should be categorized as "Timeline Contest (Theme Name)"
    • If you make a t…
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