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First American War


Prussian Expansion War

Black Sea War
Battle of jassy Top: Battle of Jassy

March 17, 1830


January 15, 1831


Romania, Black Sea


Russian victory



Ottoman Empire


Czar Nicholas I
Marshal Fabian Gottlieb von Osten-Sacken
Pavel Chichagov

Selim III




Casualties and Losses



The Black Sea War was a war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire fought over Moldavia and Romania, held by the Ottoman Empire but demanded by Russia to free the Christian peoples there, as well as the ever present goal to open up the Dardanelles to unobstructed Russian access. In the end, While Russia was victorious, it was a costly victory in human lives, and severely damaged Ottoman efforts to reform their nation after the devastating Ottoman Civil War (1807-1823).


The Ottoman Empire had slowly been losing ground in Europe, Asia and Africa for decades before the First Great European War, but in 1806 Sultan Selim III began to institute reforms to modernize and westernize the Ottoman Empire. However, reactionary forces centred on the Janissaries, opposed these reforms and lead to a violent revolt and a bloody civil war. While the Janissaries won the first battles and managed to inflict defeats on the Sultan and the Loyalists who followed him in the early part of the war, even forcing the Loyalist evacuation of Constantinople in 1809. However, modernized Loyalist forces, armed with surplus French and British equipment and commanded by adventurous former officers and mercenaries who were no longer fighting in Western and Northern Europe. With this new support, the Loyalists were able to push the Janissaries out of Constantinople and into the mountains of central Anatolia by 1811, and from there into the Armenian highlands by 1818, but it took another five years of bloody fighting to finally defeat the Janissaries. Revolts in different cities of the Ottoman Empire also tied up troops for years. It seems at least 100,000 soldiers and civilians lost their lives, but it's unknown what the actual number is.

The devastation of the Civil War,

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