Black Army
Black Militant Guard
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: No Equivalent
Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901) No coa
"Black Flag" Coat of Arms

("Free the Land!")

The Black Army is an international terrorist organization located in the Deep South.


In 1957, Robert F. Williams created a Monroe Chapter of the NRA, which he named the Black Armed Guard, as a defense against the Klu Klux Klan. Whilst Robert met his end during the US invasion of Cuba, his ideas remained with revolutionaries left in broken America. The idea of a Black Armed Guard remained with the public for many years. After the Great Nuclear War, radicals from Birmingham, fueled by Revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr. (who went missing shortly after the war), and Robert F. WIlliams’s book "Negroes With Guns", many young blacks banded together, collecting guns, rations, gas, and vehicles, forming a new Black Armed Guard.

Battle for Bombingham

On May 11, 1963, the KKK had been rallying in Bessemer, and Imperial Wizard Bobby Shelton addressed the crowd, urging rejection of "any concessions or demands from any of the atheist so-called ministers of the nigger race or any other group here in Birmingham. Klansmen would be willing to give their lives if necessary to protect segregation in Alabama". This fueled the young Klansman to lead an invasion into Birmingham to stage a violent coup. On the outskirts of town, they clashed with the new Black Armed Guard. This conflict is often referred as the Battle for Bombingham.

After this battle, most took to calling the new radicals The Black Army, and they grew in numbers at a staggering rate. Blacks all across Alabama signed up with the radical organization, with entire neighborhoods disappearing into the areas the Black Army was able to control, namely national forests such as Tallageda and Bankhead. This places became staging grounds for assaults and invasions, suburbs became battlegrounds, and strongholds became the currency of a Race War. 

St. Helena

In 1976, the Black Army had received word of war between the Gullah People of the coast, and a local KKK branch there. To protect the Gullah people, the Black Army quickly sent a detachment to aid them, redirecting supplies and men towards the region. This region is referred to as the St. Helena Protectorate, and has a large population of Black Army supporters and members, and is constantly on teh defensive against the nearby KKK stronghold of Savannah, Georgia.

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