Second American Civil War/AfroAmerican War of Independence

In 1930, before WW-II starts, in USA black/negro peoples are segregated. A group of them takes control of a military base in the southern states. A civil conflict springs up, and that ends with the acceptance of self government of a new republic in North America for the "enemies" of USA. (Open for adoption, preferably for an American citizen)
Black American Revolution Flag

First Flag of Afro America

A new nation born with its history; many men and women are forever, some of them are: Marcus Garvey, Earl and Louise Little, and her son "Malcolm X", along with others such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks; all of whom did their part to make their nation what it is and shall always be.

War World II (Black American Revolution)

United States of America (Black American Revolution)

List of US Presidents (Black American Revolution)

Afro America (Black American Revolution)