Bison Conservation Bill of 1979
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State Legislature of Wyoming
A Bill to establish new methods to conserve Wyoming's bison population.
Territorial extent State of Wyoming
Introduced by Jason A. Barnstable

The Bison Conservation Bill of 1979 is a proposed piece of legislation introduced in the state of Wyoming by Governor Jason Adam Barnstable to establish new measures to "conserve Wyoming's bison population."


Governor Barnstable, for himself, introduced the following bill.

To establish new methods to conserve Wyoming's bison population.

Be it enacted by the Senate and State Assembly of the State of Wyoming in the State Legislature assembled:

Section 1: This Bill shall hereafter be referred to as the Bison Conservation Bill of 1979

Section 2: Upon enactment, the State of Wyoming shall impose the following laws regarding the hunting of American bison in the state:

  • Bison shall not be hunted on public land, or in national or state parks, unless given permission otherwise from the state or federal government.
  • Bison may be culled to improve the quality of a population, although they must be accompanied by a certified ranger to advise which bison to cull. This culling process shall not take place in national or state parks.
  • Bison may still be permitted to be hunted freely on designated hunting grounds, which may be established by a county or the state.

Section 3: This section overviews information on the establishment of bison hunting grounds.

  • A county or state government must allocate a certain amount of public land, or private land purchased from or donated by the former owner of the land.
  • Hunting grounds must signify their borders, as to prevent bison hunting outside of the grounds.
  • Hunting grounds are permitted to set hunting limits.