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The first civilizations are only just beginning. Nearly nothing yet has a name in any language, from the continents to the flowers growing upon them. The year is 3300 BCE, and no great empires have yet risen, no colonists have sailed across the seas from Europe to the Americas and Oceania, no-one yet knows of the soft silks of China, the glorious Roman Republic or the Greek Philosophers such as Plato or Aristotle, and now, they might never be born.

This is the premise of the Birth of Civilization Map Game; to start before any civilizations had been founded and reshape the course of Humanity's history since the beginning of our most recent several thousand years.

The MapEdit

900 BCE

BoC 900 BCE

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Write down your civilization and signature below the heading of the continent upon which it is located, and preferably either send a message to me (Ark) or use the talk page to inform the staff of where it is to be placed upon the map. Or simply create a page for your civilization, cut out the portion of the map it's located in and color it's starting province yourself. Also, NPC civilizations can be claimed by anyone wishing to play, so long as they either do not already control one or are switching to the preferred civilization.


  • Uycrayina - NPC
  • Straukultur - NPC
  • Starověké Kul - NPC
  • Rome - NPC
  • Wales - NPC


  • Indus - NPC
  • Hindustan - NPC
  • Gujarat - NPC
  • Saptakonkana - NPC
  • Marathas - NPC
  • Delhi - NPC
  • Shang Dynasty - NPC
  • Umm al-Nar - NPC
  • ʿĀd - NPC
  • Israel - NPC


  • Middle Kingdom of Egypt - NPC

North AmericaEdit

  • Mayapan - NPC

South AmericaEdit

  • Norte Chico - NPC
  • Inca - NPC
  • Nazca - NPC
  • Chachapoyas - NPC


The GameEdit

1300 BCEEdit

In China, the Shang dynasty may soon be overthrown by Wu of Zhou, the first ruler of the Zhou Dynasty. If they are not careful in their policies and protective of their holdings, this will almost certainly happen.

In the Andes, the Norte Chico have not signed any sort of peace agreement with the three governments rebelling against them, and it seems likely that the conflict will continue on for some time, only ending in the same way the Korean War ended a few decades ago in our timeline, with conflicts continuing sporadically due to the war's not fully ending.

NPC TurnEdit

Shang Dynasty: The Shang Emperors continue expansion of the Chinese realm, and due to recent, brief uprisings, order additional expansion of the military, including the fleets. Several provinces are taken, the army is enlarged and more ships are built.

Norte Chico: The Norte Chico rulers continue waging their civil war, however open warfare largely subsides. Unfortunately, they and the other three governments continue fighting amongst themselves sporadically. No expansion or major construction occurs due to ongoing conflict. Further, map borders will not be updated for Norte Chico, as the final borders from this conflict are uncertain.

Player TurnEdit

Kingdom of the Francs: The many new governments in the Kingdom of the Francs begin working out, on an individual, painstaking level how much autonomy they will receive, how much they will contribute to the overall realm, what obligations they have to their overlords and many other such things. Due to this, very little is done this century. Decentralization causes very little to occur this turn. More may be done next turn.

Holy Empire of East Riveria:We send explorers down South to find other civilizations in the Great Land (Europe).Westland expands one province South and Northland expands a province north.The Emperors are Albert the Amazing of Northland and Wladyslaw the Good of Poland.

The Picts:  the  United Methodist Church of Mòràite is keep been built, we start to use  armor for horses, we also start building parishes  in east riveria and we start to convert people in that area (secret:we keep converting Franks in the Normandy,Brittany and Pays de la Loire area). There's no expansion in land but iron mines,various places of worship farms, houses are built and the military is enlarged, we keep taking slaves form OTL North Germany other then those things not much happens .\

Minoa: Still attempting to avoid conflict with the western menace, we continue our policy of eastward expansion, expanding 4 provinces into the eastern Caucasus, reaching Shirvan. Reports from Shirvan travel back to Byzantium reporting the existence of ArianaWe offer a non-aggression pact to Ariana. Deciding that if the western menace decides to conquer Greece, a 26-province colony in OTL Kazakhstan is established. Meanwhile, over in the west, an envoy is sent to Rome proposing that if Minoa does not expand into the Mediterranean Sea, then Rome shall not attack Minoa(NPC RESPONSE NEEDED)

  • Roman Diplomacy: Rome agrees to this proposal, despite some Senators being against it, and have their messenger whom delivers their acceptance also deliver the message "Semper Pacem", meaning "Always Peace".

1200 BCEEdit

In France, the Methodist portion of the population must still attend the religious activities and ceremonies of the official religion in order to not raise suspicion, however it seems more and more likely to them as they gain new converts that, due to the intolerant rulers in the area which have thus far managed to avoid being dethroned by their overlords, they may have to reveal their true faith in order to gain the aid of the Six Kings in ending the religious oppression they currently live in. However, some (largely in Brittany) have decided to try to fight back against this oppression themselves, and have started forming militias called Adambites after the leader of the Methodist Franks and Francs, Gimli Adams, whom is a Pict but still respected by both groups.

In the Levant, it seems as if the Kingdom of Israel shall soon rise from the sands to become one of the more important governments in the region. It is currently uncertain to the peoples in the area, whom are working towards this goal, if the nearby powers will destroy them or befriend them, however they are preparing in case it is the former.

NPC TurnEdit

Norte Chico: The war continues on, however only in the form of minor border conflicts and blood feuds. Shortly into the beginning of the century, the borders are finalized by an agreement between the four governments participating in the war and then reconstruction of all four countries' lands begins. The war ends, reconstruction begins and all four nations, but particularly the Norte Chico wish to someday conquer the others.

Israel: Near the end of the century, the Kingdom of Israel is founded, beginning a new era for the Levantine peoples, whom quickly begin supporting the new nation. The first King of Israel also sends a request to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Due to the relatively uninhabited state of the Egyptian holdings near Israel and their significant value to the Israeli people, the King requests that those lands be given to Israel, with the condition of being ruled jointly for the period of two successors of both the King and the Pharaoh. Israel is founded and a request is immediately sent to Egypt for their lands East of Suez.

Egypt: The Pharaoh, having some difficulty managing the entire Egyptian realm, agrees to the Israeli request. He also orders that, in order to reduce the difficulty of managing such a large empire, the Egyptians develop more decentralized government. This results in the Pharaoh having less direct power over his subjects and territories, however he believes this is a reasonable sacrifice if it means not falling apart as Umm al-Nar did centuries ago. The Israeli request is accepted and Egypt becomes more decentralized, though still one political entity.

Player TurnEdit

Kingdom of the Francs: The now very-divided Six Kingdoms of the Francs begin having more internal conflicts. Though typically non-violent, these disagreements show that decentralizing the realm to such a degree is not necessarily a good thing. One notable result is that now, trade goods have tariffs while moving from Paris to Toulouse, but not from Lyon to Dijon and other such occurrences of currency exchanges which make no practical sense and have no uniformity. In order to combat such things as this, the Six Kings of the Francs begin construction of better infrastructure, markets and stations for border guards. Their plan is to allow for a uniform system of tariffs between all the individual governments in the realm and to also allow for all, or at least most non-governmental transactions to occur in the same area in each city. Decentralization begins to cause unexpected problems, however efforts are made to combat these.

The Picts: we use our long ships to explore, we sail to OTL Sicily and we meet the Romans which we give gifts to them, we set a trade port near OTL Palermo called Fìon, then we sail further and we find the Minoans which we also give gifts and we set a trade port near OTL Patras called Ghrian,we sail north and find OTL East Iceland which we claim and name Innistìle, we set farms and make Innistìle like the homeland, we sail to OTL Stavanger and we claim that land which we name Tuath and we make like the homeland, we set up a trade port in East Riviera near OTL Rostock, it name is Deighe  we start to build a OTL ballista which we build from oak and iron we call it the Slat, iron mines, various places of worship farms, houses are built and the military is enlarged, we keep taking slaves form OTL North Germany which we send to the new lands we own. We don't condone or agree on the Adamites Fighting the francs but we support the end of religious oppression.

Holy Empire of East Riviera:We send explorers down South to find other civilizations in the Great Land (Europe).Westland expands two provinces South and Northland doesn't expand.The Emperors are Albert the Count of Ostland and Piast the First of Poland.Decentralization of the Stem Duchies begins,as the Dukes begin having many children.

  • East Riviera (OOC): How many provinces do I own in total?
  • Mod: By my count, including the expansion of this turn, about 45. Though, I didn't number them, so I could be off slightly.

1100 BCEEdit

In Central Europe, the powers in the region have taken almost all of the land, however there remains some between their respective territories. For how long, however, remains uncertain.

In China, though the Shang Dynasty prepared as best they could, they were unable to defeat Wu of Zhou, and so the Zhou Dynasty comes into power.

NPC TurnEdit

Uycrayina: The King decrees that additional expansion of the realm is necessary, and thus orders that additional lands be taken in the East. He also orders additional defenses, roads and farms be constructed in these new territories, and that in order to adequately defend them, additional troops be recruited. Further, due to development of the language which has been interacting a great deal with the languages of the nearby uncivilized peoples, the realm is now known as Ukrayina. Several provinces are taken in the East, defenses, roads and farms are built, the army is enlarged and the language has become similar enough to modern Ukrainian for the country to now be named Ukrayina.

Zhou Dynasty: Wu of Zhou, upon coming into power, orders that more lands be taken, however he also makes it apparent that he prefers a more internal approach to expansion, and so also orders that more farms, monuments, temples, mines, houses and other such buildings be built. Some provinces are taken West, South and North and various buildings are built.

Player TurnEdit

Kingdom of the Francs: The King of Germania, with the approval of the King of all the Francs, orders that Germania be expanded further East for the first time in many decades due to recent successes in combating the problems facing the Six Kingdoms. Meanwhile, the King of all the Francs believes that his title is becoming more than a little outdated, and so declares that henceforth, the title shall be "Empereur des Francs", Emperor of the Francs, or in Latin "Imperator Francorum", with the Kingdom of the Francs becoming the Empire of the Francs. Germania expands East several provinces and the Kingdom of the Francs becomes the Empire of the Francs, lead by the Emperor of the Francs, elected as before by the Six Kings of the Francs.

Holy Germanic Empire:We send explorers down South to find other civilizations in the Great Land (Europe) and finally find Rome.Westland expands ten provinces South and Northland doesn't expand.The Emperors are Albert the Divider of Ostland and Karl of Southland.All of the stem duchies split in many pieces.Subkingdoms are formed, including Frontier Land (Northlandic Territories), Riveria (Territory West of the Vistula), and Eastland (the rest). The name is changed to the Holy Germanic Empire.(Yes I do want the Subkingdoms shown as different nations on the map although I control them)

The Picts: we use our longships to sail to Egypt and set up the Trade Port city of Uisge near OTL Alexandria, then we sail to meet Israel and set up the Trade Port city of Losrael near OTL Netanya iron mines, various places of worship farms, houses are built and the military is enlarged, we keep taking slaves from OTL North Germany which we send to the new lands we own, (secret:we tell the Adamites to convert more people)

1000 BCEEdit

In Italy, Bologna is hit with a severe outbreak of Bird Flu, believed to be coming from sick crows roaming about the area. Unfortunately for the Romans living there, they have no adequate treatment for such diseases.

In Central Europe, the borders of the regional powers have met in the middle of what would have been Germany. Tensions, as of yet, are not particularly high between these peoples. However, this could change at any time in mere moments, as our own version of history has taught.

In France, the Adambites begin slowly converting more of the Franks and the Francs by instruction of the Picts, however their numbers have grown such that the three Kings in the region, those of Gallia, Britannia and Aquitania have become personally involved in attempting to stop the violence and oppression in the region. However, while their goals may seem just and perhaps even noble, it is well worth keeping in mind that they have no intention of allowing peoples of other religions or cultures to gain any significant authority in their domains.

NPC TurnEdit

Israel: The King of Israel orders that additional lands be taken in the North, in which the great cities such as Damascus, Aleppo and Antioch must still be founded. He also orders that additional farms must be built, along with walls to protect them, and that troops must be recruited to make use of these new walls. A couple provinces are taken in the North, farms and walls are built and troops are recruited.

Indus: The Shaasaks of recent decades have failed to keep the peace between their various subjects and also failed to competently manage the realm economically. As a result, their subjects have had enough of their rule. A coup d'etat is successful in replacing the previous Shaasak with a new, better one, however this is not enough for some of the Shaasak's subjects. They have risen up against him and declared independence. The Indus Civil War, also known to some as the War Against Indus Tyranny begins.

Egypt: The Pharaoh, seeing that more troubles with ruling such a vast empire are bound to come, orders that further power be delegated to the various parts of the realm, with a sort of Senate-like organization established in the government to represent them. He also orders that exploration be done farther out, as the Egyptians have not expanded their knowledge of the world on their own in centuries. A sort of Senate is established and more exploration is done for the first time in many, many years, causing the Egyptians to establish basic relations with Rome.

  • Israeli Diplomacy: The King of Israel offers an agreement to the Pharaoh of Egypt to jointly construct a great road, partially by connecting existing roads, from Thebes to the farthest North territories of Israel.
  • Egyptian Diplomacy: The Pharaoh accepts, seeing an opportunity for economic benefits to both Egypt and Israel.

Player TurnEdit

Empire of the Francs: The Kings of Gallia, Britannia and Aquitania meet in Paris to discuss the best way to deal with the situation of the Adambites and other Methodists in their realms, deciding to offer them an agreement. This agreement, while negotiable, would currently have the Kings concede that the Methodists are allowed to keep their religion, no matter their culture, job, class, etc. however it would also have the Methodists concede that, different religion or not, they are still the Kings' subjects. Meanwhile, across the Empire of the Francs, the Germanics appear to be becoming significantly less common than the Latins, as the Latins are having more children and the Germanics are largely either migrating away from their homelands or dying. The Emperor of the Francs, seeing the potential for worsening conflict with the Methodists, orders that the army be expanded. An agreement is offered to the Methodists, in particular the Adambites (response next turn, influenceable by the Picts), the Germanics are more and more being replaced by the Latins throughout the entire Empire, and the army is expanded notably.

The Picts: we are gald the franks let our methodist folks live in peace, we send franks some gifts,we sail north and find OTL East Iceland which we claim and name Innistìle, we set farms and make  Innistìle like the homeland,  iron mines,various places of worship farms, houses are built and the military is enlarged, we keep taking slaves form OTL North Germany which we send to the new lands we own, we tell the Adamites to convert more people to help grow the faith, we also tell them to ask the emperor for a high level of home rules in the Methodist majority areas.

Holy Germanic Empire:We send explorers down South to find other civilizations in the Great Land (Europe) and ask for relations with Rome.Southland expands ten provinces South.The Emperors are Karl the Amazing of Southland and Albert of Southland.The Emperor ask for a non-aggression pact (NAP) with the Saxons (Player response needed).

  • Roman Diplomacy: The Romans agree to allow ambassadors so long as the Holy Germanic Empire allows the same.

Minoa: The king of Minoa decides not to expand this century, instead focusing on building up. The cities of Knossos and the capital in Byzantium see great growth and a new age of construction. The city of Athens is established, named after the godess Athena. The colony in Central Asia, with its capital in New Knossos, learns that a great power to the far east, perhaps even mightier than the western menace, has been rebuilding after a a takeover of the government. We also open up diplomatic relations with Jersualem.

  • Israeli Diplomacy: The King of Israel offers an agreement to the King of Minoa, which would entail that once Israel and Minoa share a land border, a road should be built connecting Byzantium to the farthest South territories of Israel. The King also informs his Minoan counterpart that the Egyptians have already agreed to a similar proposal, and therefore the roads could be connected, allowing for simple, easily defended land-based commerce between the three nations.

900 BCEEdit

In Europe and Asia, nations' borders have now connected almost to the point of allowing protected, land-based travel from Paris to Thebes, from Byzantium to Berlin and perhaps soon even from Rome to Delhi. Whether this travel and associated commerce will be tolerated by the local governments, however, is another story.

In India, the Indus Civil War has ended, with the Indus government suffering massive losses. Five new nations have broken free from their control, and already some have claimed additional territories, including some already owned by each other.

NPC TurnEdit

Indus: The latest Shaasak, having finished the negotiations of peace with his five counterparts in Hindustan, Gujarat, Saptakonkana, Marathas and Delhi begins reconstruction in the remaining Indus territories, which compared to their previous state, are now a sad ruin. In the meantime, he also orders that no territorial claims on the five new nations be revoked. He even goes so far as to claim the new territories some of them have taken over, and begins recruitment of a new, much larger army to eventually try to retake the lost lands. Five nations become independent in the civil war's aftermath, borders are changed and territories claimed, reconstruction begins and a massive army begins recruitment.

Israel: The King of Israel orders that additional lands be taken in the North and the East, so that Israel might have a border with it's new acquaintances, the Minoans. Later, more troops are recruited, more defenses are built and more farms and mines are built. A few provinces are taken North and East, troops are recruited and various buildings are built.

Player TurnEdit

Empire of the Francs: The negotiations between the Latin Kings and the Methodists are concluded, with the final agreements important points being that both sides agree to respect each other's religion, with anyone not doing so being considered criminal, the Kings agree to allow Methodists into the government of their respective lands and the Methodists agree to pledge loyalty to the crown, different religion or not. This pledge is punishable by death if broken. However, it seems unlikely to anyone that someone would actually get executed for it, more likely imprisoned for a number of years and then released. Now that the negotiations are finished, the various people in the Empire return to their previous tasks, notably construction of additional roads, increasing diplomatic and economic ties with Rome and expanding the Eastern borders into the mountains. The negotiations are finished (see terms above), roads are built, relations with Rome begin to be slowly increased and a couple provinces are taken in the Alps.

Holy Germanic Empire:We send explorers down South to find other civilizations in the Great Land (Europe) and accept the Roman ambassadors as well as sending our own to Rome. Southland expands ten provinces South. The Emperors are Albert the Calm of Southland and Karl the Defeated of Southland.A Civil War begins with the sides being the Imperial and Freedom blocks.The Freedom Block wins and makes the emperorship elective. Also,they dissolve Southland, breaking the power of the Southern Dynasty forever.The Southern Dynasty is all the emperors from Southland. Before them,the Elbic Dynasty ruled. When Karl died in 1900 the electors elected Victoria I,from the Duchy of Victoria, empress. The electors are Victoria, Warsaw, Borderland, Eastapolis, Vistula, and Karlia.
The Picts:
the United Methodist Church of Mòràite is done, we expand our fishing land to Innistìle, we plant rye, buckwheat and we bring Goats, we send our slaves to Innistìle, we send copies all our advance Tech to the Adamites to help them out, We start to build catapults iron mines, various places of worship farms, houses are built and the military is 5 times enlarged,