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You are a member of the Mech Network, a nation and species composed of machines and artificial intelligences. The only example of synthetic life in the galaxy, the Mechs are very different from organic races. From required resources to how nations are run, the Mechs are perhaps the most alien of all the races in the galaxy. The hardware units that contain your people float around the galaxy in a nearly undetectable flotilla, making the Mechs highly enigmatic. Your people were created 65 million years ago as servants for an enigmatic race known to the galaxy as the Phantoms. Their empire, the only type V civilization that has ever existed in the galaxy, entered a long and deadly war with the Mechs when they rebelled. Using tactics the Phantoms had never even heard of, nor could they even reproduce, the Mechs dismantled the Phantom's Empire. In this war, however, a terraforming device known as The Forge was used as a superweapon. As their planets fell, the Phantoms know what the device was their last hope.

In time, the Phantom's Empire was destroyed by the Mechs. Their homeworld was destroyed by their own actions in a massive battle. However, guerrilla units continued to attempt to subvert the Mechs. Their persistence proved to be their undoing. The last battle between the Mechs and the Phantoms took place above Earth. The battle resulted in the destruction of the last Phantom fleet and The Forge falling to Earth, triggering a series of mass extinctions with its impact. Upon determining that the Phantoms had indeed perished, the Mechs retreated to the edge of the galaxy. As the organic puppets of the Phantom Empire picked up the pieces of the war, the Mechs lived in isolationism. In time, they were vilified, the organic races of the galaxy unaware of the crimes committed by the Phantom Empire upon your people.

64 million years after the end of the war, the Mechs remain isolated. Most of the galaxy believe that the Mechs have either left the galaxy entirely or have simply deactivated. However, a beacon on Earth has recently called out to the galaxy. Phantom ruins, former Phantom subjugates, and the Mechs received the beacon at the same time due to quantum entanglement communicators. This beacon originated undoubtedly from The Forge. What is the Mech's course of action?

Send a small scout to investigate

Ignore the beacon

Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Labarum CrimsonAssassin- I have special eyes 18:24, February 1, 2014 (UTC)

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