The POD in this is that Billy Mays never dies.

2009: Billy Mays doesn't die. Billy Mays studies politics in a university. He orders every American to make him president. They do so and a civil war starts against the government. Billy Mays becomes king of the new United States of Cleaning Products.

2010: Billy Mays orders the execution of Sham Wow guy. He is thrown off The Statue of Billy Mays. (where the Statue of Liberty was).

2011: Billy Mays invades the world!!!! The earth is now united under Billy Mays. Everyone is ordered to buy cleaning products from him. Billy Mays Corporation is created. They make and sell cleaning products.

2012: Billy Mays flies into space and starts killing unicorns.

2013: Billy Mays and Chuck Norris team up to destroy your mom.

The End.

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