Billy Hughes
President of Australia
In office:

January 26, 1940 - January 26, 1945

Preceded by:

Stanley Bruce

Succeeded by:

William McKell

Prime Minister of Australia
In office:

September 12, 1914 - April 25, 1923

Preceded by: Joseph Cook
Succeeded by: Stanley Bruce
Treasurer of Australia
In office:

April 8, 1913 - June 10, 1914

Preceded by: Andrew Fisher
Succeeded by: John Forrest

September 25 1862, London, United Kingdom

Died October 20 1952, Sydney, New South Wales
Nationality: Australia
Political party:




Mary Hughes

Children: 17
Alma mater:


Occupation: Politician
Religion: Baptist

Billy Hughes was an Australian Politician who served as Prime Minister of Australia (1914 - 1922) and later as President of Australia (1940 - 1945).

He is widely regarded as one of australia's greatest politicians, leading australia during both world wars as Prime Minister and President respectivly. He won three successive general elections 1917, 1919 and 1922.

At the 1922 election the Nationalist majority was cut to a slim majority, with the Labor party gaining more votes. The result, added to the fact that many more conservative Nationalists felt Hughes was too Left Wing, fuelled the prospect of a possible leadership challenge. Hughes was compelled to resign, and treasurer Stanley Bruce elected as his successor.

Hughes retired to the back benches, and became one of Bruce's toughest critics. There was a movement to get Hughes to form a new party, but Hughes lacked the financial backing and national organisation to do so. Hughes bucked the national trend at the 1930 election, weathering a Labor landslide and actually increasing his majority.

He ran to suceed Bruce as the Nationalist leader following his resignation, but lost to John Latham. He served in the Menzies government as Minister of the Navy. In 1939 Hughes was chosen as the Nationalist candidate for the Federal Presidency. He served as President through most of the Second World War, becoming a national figurehead and in many ways much more popular than Prime Minister Robert Menzies.

Early Life

Early Political Career

Prime Minister: 1914 - 1923

Backbenches: 1923 - 1939

President: 1940 - 1945

Later Life

In 1945 his term ended, but in 1947 he became the first President to return to parliament after the end of his term. He remaind in Parliament until his death in 1952.

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