William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton
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Bill Clinton, now infamous 41st President of the United States

President of United States
January 20, 1993 – January 10, 1997

Predecessor George H. W. Bush
Successor Al Gore
Born August 9, 1946
Hope, Arkansas
Spouse Hillary Rodham
Political Party Democratic party (Formally) (1979-1998)

Arkansan Freedom for Independence (1998-)

Religion None (Truly Clintionism)
Profession "Activist" (Truly Revolutionary)

He was president of United States from 1993-1997 due his paranoia and traumatic stress disorder after Second American Revolution and now is rebel leader of 2013 Arkansan uprisings or Clinton's Rebellion 

History of him 

He was born as normal boy put in 5-9 years his mother abuse him because of her job and want revenge for rest of childhood leaving him develops paranoia and get first tumor in back side of is nervous system.

Teenage years 

In middle and high school his paranoia is continue to increase by calling teacher as retarded and fascist for educated sex education or talking about same-sex related topic and getting expelled few times and rape couple girls in high school but he briefly swap for while with his girlfriend Hillary, and in senior year his paranoia is back during in 2 months before end of school. Put his mother who no longer abuse him aware of his paranoia by using medication...

Political Carrer

Missing Years or Rebel Carrer