The "Big Three" is a well-known term that usually applies to the four most powerful nations in the world: France, America, and Russia. These nations have the most dominant position in the international community, with an ability to influence world events and its own interests and project power on a massive, worldwide scale. Other nations that are second in terms of worldwide power include Perso-Arabia, India, Brazil, and the Asian Union.

The term first went into existence during the Cold War. The aftermath of Great War III left Russia, America, and France as the three sole superpowers. However, France, due to its enormous colonial empire, was more powerful than both of them. France's desire for world influence caused Russia and America is bond together against France, which was a major factor in the Cold War.

A superpower requires several requirements: it must have a strong, influential military, economy, and culture, the ability to influence world events, the ability to project ts power on a international level, and have influence on several countries. Russia, France, and America manage to qualify the steps.

Russia, France, and America are known to be the three major nuclear powers. During Great War III, they were the first nations to ever harness the power of atomic technology, especially weaponry. Eventually, during the Cold War, they were the only nations to ever mass-produce nukes (and although their numbers have been reduced these nations still possess them). They even had the ability to place them whereever they wish. In the International league, they served as the three main member of the Security Council.

Since the 21st Century, Perso-Arabia, India, the Asian Union, and Brazil have been quickly gaining strength in the global stage. Because of this, many scholars believe they would possibly emerge as the newest superpowers on par with the Big Three. Yet few political leaders have claimed they ever reached this status and many think this is impossible.

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