Map of Operations and After the War


The map's borders are those planned by the Big 5 after a possible victory

Soviet War Plans

The Soviet army planned for a speedy conquest of Austria-Hungary and the Balkans, and did not expect resistance in Tirol. In the north, the Soviets invaded Norway and Sweden. In the north, the Soviets expected another quick victory, which would allow them to control all of Scandinvavia, the Balkans, and Poland. From thse 3 points, the Soviets planned Operation Proletariat, or the invasion of Germany on all three sides. This would hopefully bring Germany to her knees and force her to surrender. However, Norwegian guerrilla activity, German troops in Poland, and Austro-Hungarian resistance in Tirol made sure that Operation Proletariat would fail.

Japanese War Plans

The Japanese High Command planned, after conquering all of South East Asia and building its navy up, to attack the American Philippines and bring the US into the war officially. The so-called Operation Tiger's Claws would focus on a naval landing in Luzon, and other small-scale landings in other islands. The Japanese hoped to catch the Americans by surprise. Troops from Japan, Indonesia, Indochina, and Formosa would be mobilized for this operation. In China, with the help of Maoist and Manchukuoan troops, the Japanese would conquer what was left of Nationalist territory, including Tibet.

Joint Soviet-Japanese Plans

In the only joint operation planned in the war, the Japanese, Thai, and Soviet armies would invade British India. The Japanese would conduct naval landings in Tamil-Nadu and in Kerala. At the same time, Thai and Japanese troops would invade East Pakistan and progress through East India. Maoist troops from Tibet would also invade Kashmir and West Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Soviets would invade Afghanistan (which was done)and then Baluchistan and West Pakistan. Both Asian and Russian troops would meet in Delhi and fight the last British strongholds. The operation, code-named Operation Samurai's Sword would last approximately 1 1/2 year to 2 years.

After the War

In case of a Big 5 victory, Japan would create puppet regimes in Indonesia, Indochina, the Philippines, and India. Mao would unify China under communism. The USSR would annex Afghanistan, Mongolia, Lapland, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. Puppet regimes would be set up in Germany, Austria, Hungary, OTL Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, and Iran. The DRA would expand to conrol all Arab countries of the Mid-East and North Africa. The DRA would change its name to the Arab People's Socialist Federation. The regimes of Bulgaria and Romania would remain in power.

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