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Empire of Bhutan
Timeline: Great Empires
Flag of Bhutan Bhutan emblem
Flag Emblem
Capital Thimphu
Largest city Kathmandu
Other cities Punakha, Kunming
Language Dzonghka, Nepali, Chinese
  others Hinduism
Ethnic Groups
Bhutanese people
  others Tibetans, Indian people, Chinese
Demonym Bhutanese, Bhutani
Emperor Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
  Royal house: Wangchuck Dynasty
Prime Minister Jigme Y. Thinley
600,000 sq km
  water (%) 1%
Population 102,082,405 
  per capita $21,000
Independence from Tibetan Empire
  declared 1616
Currency Bhutanese ngultrum
Time Zone UTC+6
  summer not observed
Calling Code 975
Organizations United Nations
 Bhutan is a country situated in the Himalayas.

Found by zhabdrung ngawang namgyal it grew from a feudal kingdom to a powerful has fought the qing,British and more powerful nations yet never lost its independence.

Military history

Bhutanese have had a reputation of being the best warriors and have proved it throughout history.

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