Beyond is an upcoming American film to be released on December 9, 2011, based on the novel of the same name by Eve Romani. The film is directed and produced by Pat Alden and is being released by Atticus Pictures and Crown Pictures. The film features an ensemble cast, including Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, Amanda Sheridan, Barry Obama, Natalie Weaver, Christine O'Donnell, Robert de Niro, John Hu, Ivan Petranov, Jason Biggs, Jim Ames, and Kieran Moldose.

The film will be released in traditional 2D, 3D and IMAX formats and is expected to approve upon many of the techniques perfected by 2009's Avatar. The plot revolves around an isolated American space station in the year 2261 that encounters a mysterious alien life form being hunted by a French battleship.


  • Joseph Gordon-Leavitt as Spencer Jaide, a former Marine rotated out to Andromeda station after a traumatic past experience. Gordon-Leavitt was chosen from a wide subject pool largely due to his youth and believability as a young protagonist.
  • Amanda Sheridan as Juno Ariosi, the junior medical officer aboard the Andromeda who serves as a romantic interest for Jaide. Sheridan was chosen after her role in The Runners.
  • Barry Obama as Gustav Bass, the tough-as-nails head of security aboard the Andromeda, who wears an eyepatch due to an injury suffered in a conflict with aliens on a far-off world. Obama was apparently Alden's first choice and was the only actor offered the part.
  • Natalie Weaver as Ayla Green, the political officer on Andromeda. Weaver's history in Alden films led to her casting.
  • Robert de Niro as Stuart McMarion, the chief of Andromeda station.
  • Christine O'Donnell as Taylor Quill, the linguist aboard Andromeda.
  • John Hu as Paulson, an Ereborian alien that works aboard the Andromeda. Hu's likeness is what will be used to create the alien through motion capture.
  • Ivan Petranov as Simon Rozalenko, the captain of the Scaramouche. Petranov was Alden's first choice for the role of the villainous French captain.
  • Jim Ames as Petrache, the second-in-command aboard Scaramouche.
  • Jason Biggs as Fred Lacey, Jaide's friend aboard Andromeda and a scientific researcher.
  • Kieran Moldose as Charles de Sandal, the French political officer aboard Scaramouche.



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