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Bessarabian Campaign
Part of the Second World War
Date 18 November 1943 - 4 April 1945
Location Bessarabia, Empire of Russia
Result Romanian victory; Russians troops forced out of Bessarabia
Bessarabia is annexed by Romania
Greater Romanian Republic
Scandinavian Union
Pro-Romanian Bessarabian Separatists
Empire of Russia
Bessarabian Government
Commanders and leaders
Ion Victor Antonescu Vasily Chuikov
250,000 350,000

The Bessarabian Campaign (Russian: Бессарабкий кампании lit. Bessarabian Campaign) (Romanian: Eliberarea Basarabiei lit. Bessarabian Liberation) , also known as Russo-Romanian War was a campaign in Bessarabia occurring during World War II. It ended in a victory for the Romanians, due to Russian leadership diverting resources to the Scandinavian front.

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