Bessarabia | Republic of Bessarabia | Бессарабиская Республика | Bessarabiskaya Respublika (Russian)

Capital: Kishinev

Largest city: Kishinev (671,803)

Official language: Russian

Other languages: Bulgarian, Gagauz, Ukrainian

Ethnic groups: 62.1% Russian, 18.5% Bulgarian, 11.3% Ukrainian, 4.2% Gagauzian, 3.9% others

Religions: Orthodox Christianity (79.3%), Others (2.1%), Non-religious (18.6%)

Demonym: Bessarabian

Government: Republic | Unitary semi-presidential

President: Yevgeniy Shevchuk

Prime Minister: Tatiana Turanskaya

Legislature: Supreme Council

Independence (from the Soviet Union):

-Declared: 27 July 1990

-Established: 25 August 1991

-Completed: 25 December 1991

Area: 33,846 sq km

Population (2014): 3,559,332

Currency: Bessarabian ruble (BYR)

Internet TLD: .by

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