Bermuda Islands
1612 –
Flag of Bermuda 1910 Coat of arms of Bermuda
"Quo Fata Ferunt'

("Whither the Fates Carry.")
Land of Hope and Glory
Location of Bermuda.
Capital Hamilton
Official language English
Government British Overseas Territory
Head of state
1974 -
King Richard IV
Head of government
2007 -
Sir Richard Gozney
Area 53.2 km² (2007)
Population 66,163 (2007)
Historical era
Currency Union Pound Sterling
UKOBANA   Members of the United Kingdom of Britain and North America   Indiaflag
Member Nations

United Kingdom of Britain and North America | Kingdom of Oceania | British Raj

Colonies and Dependencies

Hawaii | French Provinces | South Africa Union | Honduras | British Guiana |

Falkland Islands | Gibraltar | Bermuda | Malta | Hong Kong | Union of the Pacific Islands

Jamaica | Mosquito Coast | Union of the Bahama

Flag of Hong Kong 1959   Members of the United Kingdom of Britain and North America   Oceania

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