Flag of Berlin Coat of arms of Berlin
Flag Coat of Arms
Berlin Subdivisions
Location of Berlin
Government City-State
Governor Walter Momper (1st)
Berlin is the name of a city located in Central Europe. In 2002, the City became independent due to the Conflict in Germany

German Civil War

Conflicting Opinions

Over time, most Berliners supported the West, but maintained Anti-American stances. Never had a majority of Berliners supported, and the number of West German Supporters grew in November of 2001, after the people were reminded of life under the Russian-backed Governments. 

Time When Poll was taken Support for West Germany Support for East Germany Support For a New Nation in the Province Freedom Fighter Membership Notes
January 2001 73% 27% ... N/A Start of Civil War
February 2001 68% 31% 1% 35,00 Arrival of American Forces
March 2001 64% 35% 1% 35,000 Russian Comments
April 2001 62% 37% 1% 35,000 Attack on Palast de Republik
May 2001 54% 44% 2% 35,000
June 2001 49% 48% 3% 3% of Berliners Support independence, Highest Amount of Support For East Germany
July 2001 48% 47% 5% Highest Amount of Support for Berlin Statehood
August 2001 50% 47% 3%

September 2001 

53% 45% 2% 50,000 9/11
October 2001 53% 46% 1%
November 2001 56% 42% 1% Intelligence Leaks, Reminder of Conditons Under Russian Occupation, Many Supporting a Settlement of Peace
December 2001 57% 42% 1% Continuation of Trend from November
January 2002 52% 46% 2% Some Support Settlement
February 2002 50% 47% 2% 200,000 January Streak Continues
March 2002 53% 46% 1%
April 2002 53% 45% 2% Increased Support in Democracy
May 2002 53% 44% 3% Treaty of Moscow

Attack on the Palast de Republik

On May 20, 2001, the Palast de Republik was attacked by East German Militants disguised as Berlin Freedom Fighters. Support for Berlin in the West took a decline, but quickly recovered and grew well above 60% by the time the war was over. In November, it was revealed that the Information pointed to the attack being an inside job to sway East Berliners to support them. This failed, however, as most of Berliners demanded Reunification in the first place.

Peace Settlement

As Part of the Moscow Treaty, Berlin would be able to vote on its self-determination in 2006. The Referendum was to ask whether or not Berliners wanted to be a part of West or East Germany, but Independence was added to the calujse due to the overwhemling demand by the City Government. 

Temporary Sovereignty

Berlin became Independent in 2003 and at this point, it was clear what would happen to the City. Berlin adopted West German Laws as a result and began preparing for its annexation. Berlin's Governor even kept the original title and the Military would often volunteer in the West German Army. In 2006, the Referendum only confirmed what had been speculated. 

German Statehood

As per the Treaty of Moscow, Berlin became a State of West Germany and was given seats in the Bundesrat and Bundenstag. It also had free access of travel via the German Transportation Authority. The Small supporters of the GDR moved to East Germany and some migrated Westward from the East. 

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