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The Berkshires is a county of Vermont.


When the first nuclear strikes came in 1983 Boston was hit. Millions died. The survivors fleed west toward the Berkshires. Along the way the survivors attcked each other. More people died. And more people died from starvation. The people started fighting each other. It was total chaos.

Post Doomsday

When the people reached the Berkshires small communities formed. The communites formed alliances with each other. Soon wars soon erupted with spears and arrows as few had guns. Soon radiation desease started. Many people died. More people suffered from it. Raiders stated attacking the settlements. The settlements were on a verge of collapse until a man named Chris Jackson had a meeting with the leaders of the settlements. He told them to survive they must unite. Nobody believed him until a settlement had been looted and burned. 15 people were dead. This made the survivors unite. Jackson told the engineers to build weapons. Meanwhile the people were training too be in good physical condition. When the engineers returned the Militia got ready. More raiders entered the settlements. As they entered, bullets whistled at them. The raiders paniced as raiders died around them. The raiders retreated. However militiamen hidden in the trees shot more raiders. The raiders left. The militia cheered as they won their first victory. After the victory Jackson told the people to build forts to protect the settlements. Now the settlers felt more united. But trouble came. In 1986 Chris Jackson died from a heart attack. After this no one knew who was the leader. Tensions rose. But then Militia General David Lee took control. He made his own Private Military Company. Some Militia men discovered the company and a civil war started between them. Then the warlords came during the civil war. David Lee's army united with the war lords and defeated the Militia. They then kidnapped the civilians and they became slaves for them. David Lee became a warlord. His army took the slaves away from the Bershires and into other towns. Then in 1996 the Vermony Army came. It liberated survivors from the warlords. Once free, the citizens returned to their homs in the Berkshires. In order to have more protection they became a county of Vermont.

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