Benvolio Entori
Timeline: Principia Moderni

King of Naples
1634 – 1665

Predecessor Romeo Entori
Successor Angelo Entori
Born August 1, 1601
Palermo, Sicily
Wife Maria Entori
Profession Monarch
Benvolio II was the King of Naples until 1665. He was crowned in 1634 following the death of his father Romeo. He was the second member of the Entori family to hold the throne. He was a devout Roman Catholic, and vowed to lead his nation to a greater position in international politics. Benvolio was fairly popular among the people of his kingdom.


Benvolio II was the oldest of his fathers' three surviving children. An older brother and sister, as well as two younger sisters, both died in infancy. His siblings who lived do adulthood were Girona and Angela.

Personal Life

Benvolio was age two when the Neapolitan Civil War began. His father was a powerful warlord during this war, and following the conclusion in 1611, Benvolio was the crown prince of the kingdom. He received the best education that could be taught in Naples at that time, and became deeply religious. In 1631, he married Maria Caligari, and they had two surviving children, Angelo and Joan.