Benvolio III of Naples was briefly king of Naples from 1734 to 1738, and returned to the throne in 1751.

Personal Life

Benvolio Entori-Sicily was born in 1726 to King Biondello and Queen Lucentia of Naples in Naples city. He spent most of his childhood preparing for high government positions, and due to his older brother Romeo's ill health he was always reminded that he could be the king someday. Following his exile to Malta, Benvolio resigned himself to living in exile, although his supporters made sure that he always prepare for a potential return.

Benvolio is unmarried, despite his age and the urgings of his numerous advisors. There is no official reason to his desire to not marry any woman, although there are plenty of rumors as to why not, mostly focusing around his occasional vacations to Malta where he supposedly meets with various lovers, whose identities, nationalities, and genders remain unknown.


He was a child-king and thus Cardinal Baptista was his regent. He succeeded his brother Romeo II following the formers' death, but he was toppled after mishandling a plague at the counsel of worse advisors than Baptista. He was exiled to Malta by Carlo VII.

In 1751, Benvolio returned to the throne due to the actions of Count Petruchio. He made the nation a constitutional monarchy, and generally increased the power and stability of Naples. He conquered large portions of Bharat, giving Naples the largest amount of territory on the Indian peninusla by any foreign colonizing power.

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