People's Republic of Benin
République populaire du Bénin
Timeline: Soviet Dominance
Flag of Benin (1975-1990) Emblem of the People's Republic of Benin
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "L'Aube Nouvelle"
(and largest city)
Porto Novo
Other cities Abomey, Bohicon
Language French
  others Islam, Vodun
Demonym Beninese
Government Marxist-Leninist single-party state
Internet TLD .be
Organizations United Nations

Benin, otherwise known as the People's Republic of Benin (République populaire du Bénin) is a Marxist state in western Africa. It borders Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo.


Colonial Benin

By the middle of the nineteenth century, the Beninese predecessor of Dahomey had started to fall from its status as a regional power. In 1892, the French took over the area, and in 1899 it was incorporated into French West Africa. In 1960, the nation gained full independence under president Hubert Maga.


For the next twelve years, ethnic strife was large in the country, however the economy was very turbulent. Numerous coups and regime changes occurred, with four people leading the nation before 1972. On October 26, 1972, Marxist Mathieu Kérékou launched a coup against the nation and later took power.


Nothing much happened in Benin until 1979; then Kérékou arranged phony elections with himself as the only candidate. He put nearly all businesses and economic activities under state control, causing foreign investment to dry up. His regime did establish good relations with China, Korea, and Libya, though. His regime only managed to stay afloat due to taking nuclear waste from the Soviet Union and France.

Modern-day Benin

Mathieu Kérékou died of unknown causes in October 2015; during this time the crisis occurred, however Magloire Yansunnu was put into office a few days after Kérékou's death. The nation is somewhat stable though political infighting is common. All political parties that aren't Marxist are banned in the nation.


Benin is a "democracy" with phony elections; there is only one candidate, the current leader. So far, only two men have ruled Marxist Benin, Mathieu Kérékou and his successor Magloire Yansunnu. It has been this way since the coup in the early 1970s.

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