The Bengali Fitna
Principia Moderni III
Depiction of Battle of Chittagong
Date 1795-1810
Location Bengal
Result Ashrafi Bengal Victory
UrdustanFlag Hindustan Empire

Supported by:

  • Asafia flag of Hyderabad State Nizam of Mayurbhanj
  • Empire of Lanka Empire of Lanka
Warlord Coalition

Hindu orissa (PMII) Rajya of Visakhapatnam
Vigaynagar flag (Hindustani Raj) Rajya of Bhubaneswar
Flag of Hindustan (Saint Muhammed) Rajya of Hinduvta Bengal
Naam Tamilar 1 Rajya of Hinduvta Tamilistan

BengalSultanate Ashrafi Bengal Sultanate

Supported by:

  • Flag of the Aceh Sultanate Jaunpur Sultanate
Commanders and leaders
UrdustanFlag Sultan Jehangir Sarfaraz Shah

Asafia flag of Hyderabad State Nawab Ilyas Jehan Khan

Hindu orissa (PMII) Hari Sri Sri Dogma

Vigaynagar flag (Hindustani Raj) Pundit Vikramesnewara Flag of Hindustan (Saint Muhammed) Chatrapati Shivaji Maratha Naam Tamilar 1 Maithripala Srisena Guptaji

BengalSultanate Mahmud Ashraf Shah

Flag of the Aceh Sultanate Adam Khan Lodi

350,000 220,000 130,000
Casualties and losses
234,000 90,000 12,000

The Bengali Fitna was the start of a major civil war amongst the nobles in Bengal, who each sought to overthrow the Ilyas Shahi dynasty and establish their own rule over the land.

The origin of the civil war was largely due to the success of the Nepali and Vijaynagari Revolt, and the failure of Hindustan to prevent Deccan, Gujarat, Burma and Jaunpur from declaring independence. Realizing that the Ilyas Shahi dynasty no longer held any power, nobles particularly Hindus throughout Bengal revolted against them. Soon, a major civil war had started with hundreds of warlord states established throughout Bengal and the Ilyas Shahi desperately clinging to power. The war saw states such as Vijaynagar and Jaunpur intervening to aid their own respective proxy groups and left a power vacuum in India, with Bengal having fallen.

By 1810, a Jaunpuri Prince, Mahmud Ashraf Shah had managed to unite much of Bengal and defeated the incumbent Sultan, Jehangir Sarfaraz Shah at the battle of Chittagong. He led various campaigns throughout the nation and defeated the remaining warlord states one after another, securing the safety and integrity of Bengal and establishing his own rule over the Sultanate of Bengal.

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