Back Story


After the war Of Luxembourg, the U.N decided to make Luxembourg a neutral state. However after a referendum, the country received independence, after which the Socialist Republic was installed. Then an armed coup was attempted by the Benelux Kingdoms to unite Luxembourg. It failed. According to the Treaty of Hamburg this was a violation, and Luxembourg responded by asking the members of the U.N. They refused but they did agree to no longer recognise the Benelux Kingdoms and remove them from the U.N. This made its territories Benelux Congo, Benelux Antilles, Autonomous Philippines Community, Benelux American Trade Posts at risk, so two years later in 1998 the Benelux Kingdom sent three ships into the river Thames. The ships unloaded 2,000 troops. The troops went through London destroying everything in their path, even executing the Queen and many others. Before British troops could stop the army, Beneluxians had removed their soldiers and ships from Thames and headed back to Amsterdam.

The Beginning Of The End


NATO then made plans to attack all there and officially declaring war. The Beneluxians to the surprise of NATO the Beneluxians had a large army and managed to occupy a large sections of Europe. And the war continued with minor battles that pushed the Beneluxians back to their homeland. The war finally, in 2001, ended when the British raided Rotterdam and advanced though the Benelux Kingdom. The two kings were forced to sign a treaty dissolving the Benelux kingdom and ceding most of their territories to Denmark.

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