The United Kingdom of the Netherlands
Het verenigd koninkrijk der nederlanden
Timeline: Lowlands Combined

OTL equivalent: The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Benlux flag Royal Coat of Arms of the Netherlands
Flag Coat of Arms

Eendracht maakt macht! (Dutch)
("Strength through unity!")

Anthem "Wie van Nederlands bloed is"
(and largest city)
Brussels (capital of the whole country and Belgium)

Other capitals:

Amsterdam (Netherlands) Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

  others French, Luxembourgisch
Currency Euro
The United Kingdoms of the Netherlands (Benelux for short) is a country comprised of three kingdoms (the Kingdom of Netherlands, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Kingdom of Luxembourg). It has several overseas territories and has a commonwealth of previously colonized lands. Because of the many territories, it's one of the world's superpowers and has been a huge influence on its neighbors.


United Kingdom of the Netherlands

After the Dutch overthrew Napoleon's rule, they made a deal with the British that they would get back the southern provinces (Austrian Netherlands) so it would create a strong buffer zone, the British kept Cape Colony and Dutch Ceylon.

Belgium short independence

The huge differences that were made in the southern provinces when not under Dutch rule made their relationship harder. The Belgians fought for independence and gained it, but the Dutch didn't want to lose the land. The Dutch asked for unification but more in line of the UK and less like one whole country. The Belgians excepted under the line that Belgium would have it's own leader. The Dutch agreed.

Luxembourgian civil war

Luxembourg had its internal problems. one side wanted independence from the Dutch, the others wanted to stay. After a bloody civil war, the Dutch came to stop the war. They set up a puppet government which was with the Dutch. In 1870 they gained their own government and became a constitutional monarchy in the kingdom.

Kingdoms United

Even though Luxembourg had its own government, it was still tied to the Dutch and seeing how economically great the Dutch and Belgians were doing, they decided to enter the union. This made The United Kingdom of the Benelux.


Country subdivisions population density
Kingdom of the Netherlands Overseas "gemeentes" Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten 396
Kingdom of Belgium commonwealth with Congo and Ruanda-Urundi 363
kingdom of Luxembourg 194


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