Emperor Benedetto of New Rome was born as Benedetto Martini in 1818. Always a follower of the emperor Alessandro I, he soon rose through the ranks, becoming governor of Milan first and successor of the childless emperor later.

In 1847, Alessandro died, and he became emperor Benedetto. In the same year, he had the new state of Judea proclaimed, giving the Jews officially independence.

The war

Soon after the start of his reign, the emperor had to fight a fight that he had already a premonition of: In 1846, the Bohemian Crisis broke out when Russia had stationed troops there. Now Germany and Sweden allied with New Rome against Russia.

During 1848-52, the allied Germanies, Sweden, Canada, the Rum-Seljuks and New Rome fought the Anti-Russian War. Although the population of the two Russias was higher than all its opponents combined, they soon faced themselves in trouble: After their standing armies were defeated by their opponents armed with the modern needle guns, it took a long time to arm, train and transport new soldiers to the front. Being cut off from imports, their soldiers were badly equipped. One century ago the Telegraph had made Russia the most progressed nation on Earth, now the Chunkvophiles in the government who only thought about stability couldn't handle a war against industrialized nations. Unrests among the peasants and the occupied nations (Poland, Choresm) finally tipped the balance against Russia.

In the peace of Constantinople May 1852, Prussia, Poland, and Greater Bohemia became independent. Prussia immediately joined Germany, the other states gradually changed into the German sphere of influence. Hungary became a satellite of New Rome. The Seljuks took Pontus and Thrace back. The thinly settled hinterland of Russian Atlantis went to Canada (which thus gained access to the Pacific) and German Atlantis, the Empty Circle (the lands between Snake river, Colorado river, Sierra Nevada and Rockies - about OTL Utah and Nevada) to New Rome. Finland and Estonia became Swedish again, northern California became an independent buffer state between Russian, German and New Roman lands.

1853, Benedetto died. Some suspected the Russians behind it. Before his death however, he had appointed the governor of Turin new emperor Ludovico, who would prove to be exceptionally competent. This was despite the fact that Benedetto had four sons himself; for the sake of the empire, he decided to keep the principle of adoption. Emperor Ludovico would appoint three of Benedetto's sons princes of some realms he conquered during his reign, like Andalusia, Brittany and Asturia.

Predecessor: Benedetto Martini (Chaos) Successor:
Alessandro I Benedetto

Emperor of New Rome


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