Benjamin Joseph Kemp (born December 8, 1959) is the current Governor of Pacifica, serving since 2011. A Nationalist, Kemp is the first non-Democratic Governor since Frank Crow left office in 1979, ending the longest-running consecutive period of incumbency for a political party at the time. Prior to the Governorship, Kemp was the Mayor of Kelowna for two terms (2002-2010), making him the first Governor to be from outside of the Fraser Delta Metropolitan region since Bill Bennett, himself a native of Kelowna.

As Governor, Kemp has governed as a moderate, cutting spending while raising taxes, and in 2012 passed a bipartisan transportation plan that was hailed nationwide for its ambition and progressiveness. Kemp vetoed a gay marriage legalization bill in 2013 that was later overturned by the Pacifica Supreme Court. Despite his moderation, he is regarded as a top target in the 2014 gubernatorial elections due to his state's natural Democratic tilt and is one of the most vulnerable governors in the country.

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