Ben Corrin (born July 18, 1959) is an American novelist, known mainly for writing bestselling horror novels, which include Baja (1985), L'Anse Amour (1987), Loch (1988), February 30th (1989),
The Awakening (1989), The PET Project (1989), and The Mariner (1991). Baja was later adapted (the first of Corrin's novels to do so) into a blockbuster movie that was released in 1989, and followed by a sequel in 1997. Corrin attended Stanford University for three years, graduating with a degree in English/writing in the summer of 1981 and became known as "... the master of modern horror ..." upon the publications of Baja and L'Anse Amour, both of which were New York Times bestsellers for over six weeks. Corrin is also the writer of a short sequel to the 1993 film The Good Son. His most recent publication, P-Twin (December 1996), deals with a twelve year-old boy named Noah Randell who suffers from horrific nightmares, which turn out to be a kind of weak psychic link to his thought-dead twin brother, a vicious sociopathic killer who soon targets Noah and his parents for murder.

The first of Corrin's two upcoming novels, Fifty-One, Laramie, takes place in Cheyenne Falls' 55-story Laramie Tower (a project that was cancelled in 1974 due to the bankruptcy of the Laramie Corporation) as a series of mysterious occurrences force the tower's upper four floors to be sealed off and the building abandoned. And when a special forces team sent in is all but massacred by an unknown assailant, the sole survivor is forced to press on alone, and stumbles upon a terror brought to life. The second of his upcoming novels, North Eighty-Seven takes place on a partially ice-bound island hundreds of miles to the north of the Arctic Circle, at 87°N 50°W, where an unknown and vicious killer stalks a scientific team after they unexpectedly discover a 3500 year-old sarcophagus.

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