Belomasakafia is a country in Northern Asia

BelomaS Western Russian Federation
Largest city Cheboksary
Demonym Belosamks
Currency Belosamki ruble


Belomasakafia's history has consisted primarily of Scythian, Sarmatian, Finno-Ugrian, Bulgarian, Hun, Turkish, Mongol and Russian occupation. The first important country around the present belomas area was probably the Avar Khaganate. Present-day Belomasakafia was formed before the treaty od Omsk because of a temporary communist government set up in Moscow. After Moscow was hit the government survived and managed to gain influence around surrounding areas. Belomasakafia converted to capitalism in 2001 due to pressure from large powers and has since had rapid economy growth.


Belomasakafia is mainly flat, with most of its continental territory consisting of the Belomas Plain (Russian Plain). About 2\3 of the coastline of Krableys Crater belongs to Belomasakafia. Novaya Zemlya is also territory of Belomasakafia, gained in 1985 in the Zemlya treaty.

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