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This timeline's POD comes in 1797 when Napoleon's invasion fails. (also England never conquered wales, Ireland or scotland)

The French invade the Veneto

May 1st 1797:

French forces enter the Veneto region of Italy. The Venetian General Vincenzo Gabalti withdraws his forces all to Padua.

May 2nd 1797:

The First Battle of Verona:

At 11Am Napoleons troops marched into Verona. They were opposed by Gabalti's rear guard who had not begun to withdraw from the town. The french marched through the southern part of the city, only to be opposed when they arrived at the bridges across the river Adige. The French army contained about 10,000 men. the Italians had just 500. The Venetians had destroyed 2 of the bridges across the river leaving just five remaining. Colonel Donieole had erected barricades for his men to take shelter behind on the remaining bridges. This left french forces in the open and vunerable. Bonaparte sent 500 men under General Renees Dubras around the flank of the city. At 2pm they were amubshed as they entered the city's winding streets by around 200 militia. Dubras retreated before his force was destroyed. At 5pm Napoleon Retreated to the south-bank. Donieole fell back to Vicenza under cover of night. casualties were about 700 for the french and 50 for the venetians.

May 9th 1797:

The Battle of Padua

At about 8am Gabalti's army meat the French just north of Padua. Gabalti was outnumbered 2 to 1 by the french. He deployed his forces in concave line as to minimize the risk of flank attacks. Napoleon ordered his generals to attack certain parts of the line at a time, the aim of this was to weaken the line for a devastating cavalry charge. The attacks continued until 10am. When napoleon ordered the majority of his cavalry to charge the venetian line. He expected the Italians to break and flee. However he under estimated the ageing Gabalti's skills as a orator. Gabalti organised the army into square formations, and then delivered an incredible speech, " look men, our enemies bear down on us, let us show them what 1000 years of Venetian steel can achieve". Gabalti'smen held firm. However as the cavalry attacked, the french infantry moved directly behind them. The Venetian Infantry were caught in the midst of the battle. Galbati made a heroic last stand,but 70% of his force was killed or captured. Gabalti himself died in the midst of his men, leading them to the end. Donieole withdrew his remaining 1500 men to chioggia.

May 12th 1797:

A french force lands to the south of chiogga. Donieole retreats to the laggon forts.

May 13th 1797:

12,000 welsh and French loyalist troops land in the lagoon under the command of general Llewlyn ap cowlan. Napoleon retreats to Verona.

To be contiuned

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