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Belgium | United Kingdom of Belgium | Verenigd Koninkrijk België (Dutch) | Royaume-Uni de Belgique (French)

Capital: Brussels

Largest city: Brussels (1,138,854)

Official languages: Dutch · French

Religions: Catholic Christianity (62.1%), Moorish Christianity (4.1%), Alevism (2.2%), Buddhism (1.8%), Protestant Christianity (1.2%), Others (1.5%), Non-religious (27.1%)

Demonym: Belgian

Government: Constitutional monarchy | Federal parliamentary

King: Philip

Prime Minister: Elio Di Rupo

Legislature: Federal parliament

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: Chamber of Representatives

Independence (from the Netherlands):

-Declared: 4 October 1830

-Recognised: 19 April 1839

Area: 30,528 sq km

Population (2014): 11,198,638

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Internet TLD: .be

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