— Constituent country of the Republic of the Netherlands
Timeline: The British Ain't Coming

OTL equivalent: Wallonia (excluding German-speaking community and Luxembourg Province) and Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Flag of Belgium (1830) Coats of arms of Belgium Government
Flag Coat of Arms
MainlandNetherlands Labeled TBAC
Location of Belgium (2) within the Mainland Netherlands.

Eendracht maakt kracht (Dutch)
L'union fait la force
("Strength through Unity")

Anthem "Brabançonne"
Capital Namur
Largest city Charleroi
Other cities Liège, Mons, Calais
Language Dutch, French
Ethnic groups
  others French, Dutch
Demonym Belgian
Government Devolved government within unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Stadtholder Willem-Alexander
  Royal house Orange-Nassau
Prime Minister Charles Michel
Area 9,252 sq mi
Population 7.28 million 
Currency Dutch guilder (ƒ) (NLG)
Time zone (UTC)
Internet TLD .nl
Belgium is a constituent country of the Republic of the Netherlands. The country is bordered by Prussia to the east, France to the south, and the Dutch constituent countries of Flanders and Holland to the north, and Luxembourg to the southeast.

The failed French Republic annexed much of what is today the southern Netherlands, and was conquered by the Dutch during the French Civil War. As a result, tensions rose between the Catholic, French-speaking populace of the southern Netherlands and the Protestant, Dutch-speaking people in the north. The breaking point was finally reached on October 4, 1830, when the southern provinces declared their independence as the Kingdom of Belgium. The movement was almost successful, but a successful Dutch military campaign, which came to be known as the Ten Days' Campaign, finally crushed the rebellion.

As per the Treaty of Brussels ending the revolt, the Netherlands would decentralize into constituent countries. Belgium would be one of these countries. The Dutch-speaking northern provinces of the southern Netherlands were soon split from Belgium as a new constituent country.

The Industrial Revolution would begin in Belgium, bringing the area industrialization and great economic prosperity. However, in the decades after the Industrial Revolution, Flanders would overtake Belgium in industry and become the more economically successful region.

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