Kingdom of Belgium
Royaume de Belgique (fr)
Koninkrijk België (nl)

Timeline: Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum

OTL equivalent: Belgium without Wallonia
Flag of Belgium (civil) Greater Coat of Arms of Belgium
Flag Coat of Arms

Eendracht maakt macht (Dutch)
("Unity makes strength")

Anthem "De Brabançonne"
(and largest city)
Language French; Dutch
Religion Roman Catholicism; Irreligion; Protestantism
Ethnic Group Flemish; Walloons; Germans
Demonym Belgian
Government Unitary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament of Belgium
Area 13,683 km²
Established October 4, 1830
Currency Belgian franc
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
  summer CEST (UTC+2)
Calling Code +32
Internet TLD .be
Belgium (French: Belgique; Dutch: België), officially the Kingdom of Belgium (French: Royaume de Belgique; Dutch: Koninkrijk België) is a constitutional monarchy in Western Europe. Belgium covers an area of 13,683 sq km (5283 sq mi), and it has a population of about six million people. Geographically, Belgium is generally flat, and has a small section of coast on the North Sea. Belgium is agriculturally fertile and densely populated, with a population density of almost 500 people per sq km (1200 per sq mi). It borders France to the west, the Netherlands to the north and east, and Wallonia to the south.

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