Timeline: Myhistory

OTL equivalent: Benelux countries, East Frisia and Nord-Pas-de-Calais
800px-Flag of Belgica (1828-1978).svg Coat of arms of Brabant
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Belgica (in green)

Eigen volk eerst (official)
(West Flemish)
("Own people first")

Capital Bruxellas
Largest city Amstelia
Other cities Anversia, Rodovia, Trajecta, Lilla, Luxemburghia
West Flemish
  others Greek, Dutch, French
Greek Orthodox
  others Agnost, Kaloot
Demonym Belgican
Government Authoritarian, Constitutional monarchy. Benevolent dictatorship
  legislature parliament
King-Regent Ionas Vercoutria
Prime Minister Arno Vercoutria
Established February 27, 18 AHC
Currency Franca (ϝ)(FR)

The Kingdom of Belgica (West Flemish: Belgische Monarchie), more commonly known as Belgica, is a nation located in Western Europe. It is bordered by Gallia to the south and Germania to the east.


When the first settlers colonized Terra the area that today is Belgica was divided under seven tribes; Flandrians, Brabantians, Limburghians, Wallonians, Luxemburghians, Ollanians and Frisians.

In 6 AHC (After Human Colonisation) the first steps were taken to form Belgica. The Duchess of Limburg married the King of Flandria and doing so she merged Limburg with Flandria. two years later the marriage ended and Limburg unified with Wallonia through marriage. Soon after Flandria declared war against the newly expanded Wallonia. Because marriage of the marriage of two women Flandria gained support of Ollania and Frisia. Later, after the Duchess of Brabant reveiled her marriage with a woman, most parts of Brabant (Brabantia backed Flandria) joined Wallonia. After a ten year during war, Belgica was formed.

In 22 AHC Belgica annexed Luxemburghia from Germania after the brief Luxemburghian War.


Belgica is a Authoritarian, Constitutional monarchy, whereby the King-Regent is the Head of Stateand the Prime Minister is head of government. The Executive power and the Federal legislative power is vested in both the government and the King-Regent.


Belgican parliament

Palace of the Nation, home of the Belgican Federal Parliament

The Belgian Federal Parliament holds its plenary meetings in the Palace of the Nation, Bruxellas. The number of seats in the Chamber is constitutionally set at 150. The current composition was elected at the federal elections of May 18 AHC:
Zetelverdeling Kamer 2007-2011 3
  • SCP (Socialistisjuh en Communistisjuh Parti) - red
  • WVL (West-Vloamse Liga) -yellow
  • EPL (Economisjuh en Politike Liberoaln) - blue
  • PvdK (Parti va de Kalootn) - black
  • ECO (ECOlogisjuh parti) - green
  • OVP (Ollanske VriheidsParti) - orange
  • VP (Vrieske Parti) - cyan
  • REP (REPublikeinen) - purple
  • LDP (Luxemburgse en Dutske Parti) - light blue

Administrative divisions

Provincia Capital OTL
Artesia Lilla Nord-Pas-de-Calais excluding French Flanders
Batavia Trajecta Utrecht, Gelderland and Overrijsel
Brabantia Bruxellas Brussels, Waals-Brabant, Vlaams-Brabant, Antwerpen, Noord-Brabant
Flandria Gandavia West-Vlaanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Zeeuws Vlaanderen and French Flanders
Frisia Groninga Friesland, Drenthe, Groningen and Ostfriesland
Hollandia Amstelia Zeeland excluding Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Zuid- and Noord-Holland
Limburghia Mosapolis Belgian and Dutch Limburg
Luxemburghia Luxemburghia Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and Belgian Luxemburg
Wallonia Namuria Hainaut, Namur and Liege

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