Congo Belge

Belgian Congo
Colony of Kingdom of Belgium
1879–1960 Flag of Congo-Léopoldville (1960-1963).svg
Flag of Congo Free State.svg Greater Coat of Arms of the Belgian Congo.svg
Flag State Emblem
Capital Léopoldville
Official language French
Government Colony, Monarchy, Rexist single-party, totalitarian dictatorship
 - 1879-1885 Henry Morton Stanley (first)
 - 1941-1960 Léon Degrelle (last)
 - 1941-1960 Hendrik Elias (last)
 - 1879-1909 Leopold II (first)
 - 1934-1960 Leopold III (last)
Historical era Interwar period Cold War / World War II / Cold War / Cold War II
 - Established 17 November 1879
 - Independence 30 June 1960
Currency Belgian Congo franc

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