The Republican State of Byelorussia

Respublikanski Dziaržava Bielaruś
Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995)
State Seal:
Coat of Arms of Belarus (1991)
Anthem: State Anthem of the Republican State of Belarus
Motto: Dziaržava, nacyja , lider ! (State, Nation, Leader!)
Language(s): Belarusian, Russian
Capital: Minsk
Government: Single-party Police State
Kiraŭnictva Alexander Haefeli
Premjer -ministr Mikhail Ivanovich
Legislature: Nacyjanaĺny partyjny zjezd
Currency: Belarusian Ruble

In 1993, a charismatic young taxi driver in Minsk, Alexander Haefeli, began to rise to power in the Belarusian political scene. Although he came from humble origins, Alexander's firebrand speeches helped his newly-founded "People's National Party of Belarus" build up enough support to win the 1994 Belarusian presidential elections. Since 1994, Alexander Haefeli has built Belarus into a Quasi-Fascist police state, with the Belarusian KGB and Belarusian National Army at the forefront of Politics, and making sure none contest the will of the Party. (Work in Progress)

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