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Рэспубліка Беларусь
Republic of Belarus
Flag Coat of Arms of Belarus (1991).svg
AnthemVajacki marš
CV Belarus (1945-1991).png
Official languages Belarusian, Russian
Ethnic groups  83.7% Belarusians
8.3% Russians
3.1% Poles
1.7% Ukrainians
0.1% Tatars
0.1% Jews
3.0% Other
Demonym Belarusian
Government Unitary dominant-party presidential republic under Authoritarian regime
 -  President Alexander Lukashenko
 -  Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich
Legislature Rada
 -  Independence from Russia 3 March 1918 
 -  Declared 25 March 1918 
 -  Current constitution adopted 15 March 1994 
 -  Joined the Eurasian Economic Union 29 May 2014 
Currency Belarusian ruble (Br)
Time zone FET (UTC+3)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .by
Calling code +375

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