Foundation of the Kingdom of Bei

The Kingdom of Bei was established after the Sinican Civil war in which Cao Wei, against the Emperor Wu, fought a war to take the cities of China and unite them under his rule against the Emperor who he believed to be a
Kingdom of Bei

The Kingdom of Bei in orange. The Great Wall labeled with a thick black line.

usurper. When his most trusted general Bohai killed the Emperor he believed that he could not take the other cities successively. Bohai decided against Cao Wei and declared himself Emperor and led campaigns against Cao Wei. Other interests in China took this opportunity to attempt a seizure of power but the Civil War ended with a fractured Sinica. The Kingdom of Bei was controlled from the city of Beijing which had been a wealthy center of trade. The General Cao Wei managed an area under the name of the King of Beijing and what he called the norther part of Sinica, which he died believing would become a new Empire under him or his posterity. THe Kingdom of Bei developed from the name of the city Beijing and it became clear that it did not have enough military power to take the other Kingdoms. It became very introverted and focused on building its military so that it might do so in the future. The Kingdom of Bei also wanted to expand northward in the hope of finding deposits of minerals or groups of people to enslave. Alongside the Kingdom of Bei was the Kingdom of Korea, which had been rather autonomous during teh Han Dynasty so its collapse was not as drastic as in other areas, which frequently engaged in war with Bei as both were rather militaristic states seeking to take control of Sinica once again.

List of Rulers of Bei

Cao Wei 635-653 (118-100 BC) 曹魏

Cao Youbo 653-659 (100-94 BC) 曹幽伯

Cao Daibo 660-676 (93-77 BC) 曹戴伯 led Bei during the Sino-Japanese War

Cao Huibo 676-694 (77-59 BC) 曹惠伯

Cao Feibo 694-733 (59-20 BC) 曹廢伯

Cao Mu 733-745 (20-8 BC) 曹穆

Cao Zhuang 745-768 (8BC- 15 AD) 曹庄

Cao Li 768-786 (15-33 AD) 曹厘

Cao Zhao 786-804 (33- 51 AD) 曹昭

Provinces of Bei

The Different Provinces of Bei. The Two parts surrounded by the Southern Province are the Independent cities of Tianjin and Beijing.

The Great Wall of Bei

The Great Wall was built after the North Asian War between Korea, Japan, and Bei in which Bei became subject to much raiding and attacks from the Japanese colonies above it. The wall was built quickly with the use of slaves and by Tartars in exchange for being allowed to immigrate into Bei and out of Japanese controlled Asia. The Wall protected Bei, and by extension the interior of Sinica, during the Sino-Japanese War until the grenades invented by Japan broke through them. The Bei-Yan offensive was a move made by the Japanese through the Western portion of Bei where the wall was broken and the least amount of defense, and through Japanese controlled Yan which was taken during the First Sinican Council wherein that Kingdom was left defenseless. Song and Tang moved in to destroy the Bei-Yan offensive but it was the farthest extent of Japan during the Sino-Japanese War.

The Provinces of Bei.

The Kingdom of Bei was split into Several Provinces and Two Free Royal Cities, that of Beijing and Tianjin. The Provinces were then split into Duchies with a Duke as their governing body.

The Northern Province

1. Aiashan 阿拉善
Province of Bei northern bei

The Twelve Duchies of the Northern Province of Bei.

2. Baiyannao 巴彦淖尔

3. Wuhai 乌海

4. E'erduosi 鄂尔多斯

5.Baotou 包头

6. Huhehaote 呼和浩特

7. Wulanchabu 乌兰察布

8. Xilinguole 锡林郭勒

9. Chifeng 赤峰

10. Tongliao 通辽
Eastern Province of Bei

The Five Duchies of the Western Province

11. Xing'an 兴安

12. Hulunbeier 呼伦贝尔

The Western Province

1. Yinchuan 银川

2. Shizuishan 石嘴山

3. Wuzhong 吴忠

4. Zhongwei 中卫

5. Guyuan 固原

The Eastern Province

1. Taiyuan 太原

2. Changzhi 长治

3. Datong 大同
Western Province of Bei

The Eleven Duchies of the Eastern Province

4. Jincheng 晋城

5. Jinzhong 晋中

6. Linfeng 临汾

7. Luliang 吕梁

8. Shuozhao 朔州

9. Xinahuo 忻州

10. Yanquan 阳泉

11. Yuncheng 运城

The Southern Province

1. Shijiazhuang 石家庄

2. Baoding 保定
The Southern Province of Bei

The Eleven Duchies of the Southern Province

3. Changzhao 沧州

4. Chengde 承德

5. Handan 邯鄲

6. Hengshui 衡水

7. Langfang 廊坊

8. Qinhuangdao 秦皇島

9. Tangshan 唐山

10. Xingtai 邢台

11. Zhangxiakou 张家口

The Maritime Province

1. Jinan 济南

2. Qingdao 青岛

3. Binzhou 滨州
The Maritime Province of Bei

The Seventeen Duchies of the Maritime Province

4. Dezhou 德州

5. Dongying 东营

6. Heze 菏泽

7. Jining 济宁

8. Laiwu 莱芜

9. Liaocheng 聊城

10. Linyi 临沂

11. Rizhao 日照

12, Tai'an 泰安

13. Weifeng 潍坊

14. Weihai 威海

15. Yantai 烟台

16. Zaozhuang 枣庄

17. Zibo 淄博


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