• The world a year before Macedon collapses.

108 - 3rd Sanos, 104 BSC

108 BSC: General Daris Scheallios proclaims himself Basileus Daris Alexandros of Macedon.

107 BSC: Daris I marches north to Seres, razing villages as he goes. Siege of the city ends in three months after surrender of the governor. By now, Daris had rallied 12,500 men.

104 BSC: After three years of constant campaigning by Daris I ends after the Romans are routed at the battle of modern-day Podgorica.

104 BSC

The largest empires at the time of Daris I's official crowning in 104 BSC

3rd Sanos, 104 BSC: Daris I is crowned Basileus of Macedon, having the popular support of the Thracian Empire who later on would prove

to be enemies of Macedon.

102 - 25 BSC:

102 BSC: Daris Alexandros calls all able bodied men living in Macedon to arms, excluding those vital to farming and the healthcare system. The next month, he declares war on the various Slavic Tribes.

101 BSC: His 31,200 man army marches against the Dobrogniac Tribe, the dominant of the southern Slavs. At the Battle of Sofia, 10,000 Dobrogniac men are slaughtered to only 400 Macedon casualties.

99 BSC: The campaign against the Slavs ends as Macedon conquers far enough North as to border the Pomars and the Romans in Northern Italy. The Nords expand farther into Scandinavia and Germany while Rome claims more of Algeria and completely annexes Iberia while losing parts of Occitania to the Gaullish Tribes.

98 BSC: Southern Indian tribes unite under a single banner - they call themselves the Quilon-Tirrupur Confederation. This action is seen by the North Indian kingdoms as a hostile action. First fortified towns on the Indian Subcontinent.

98 - 25 BSC: The information from these 73 years was lost in the sacking of Tunis, all that was left was an un-marked map.

25 BSC

The world in 25 BSC.

25 - 75 ASC

25 - 20 BSC: Macedon invades Armenia, taking all of the once decently strong nation. The King, Daris II also invades Persia, led by the newly installed Dohran dynasty.Taking a chunk of Persia as well as encroaching upon Egyptian land, taking the Nile Delta and Egyptian Sinai.

The Nords settle southern Norway, the rest of Sweden and un-controled Finland. The Sanedii unite Southern Germany and invade the Pomars, taking a lot of there southern land.

20 - 10 BSC: The Karatache tribe of Brazil goes on a huge conquering spree, uniting thousands of tribesmen under there banner. Sanedii wins a campaign against Gaul, taking a small bit of land. One Iberian nation takes Navarre from Gaul while a Roman successor state takes land from Rome in Occitania as well as from Gaul. The Satugu tribe rises in South Africa, and border Madagascar.

10 - 1 BSC: A whole load of Chinese states attack Yao, crumbling nation, only a shadow of it's former self. Macedon attacks the Slavs again, invading North once again. They also go on a full scale invasion of the Russian tribes, conquering a large swath of land around the Black Sea. This over-extension turns out to be costly...

A Central Iberian state is annexed by the Reinah Tribe of West Iberia.


The world one year before Macedon collapses.

0, Year of Second Collapse: The Karatache tribe expands farther in Brazil, now owning a large part of the Yikutaw Jungle (OTL Amazon Jungle). The Russian Slavs take the time to unite both of the Slavic cultures, conquering the remnants of the Slavic Empire. The Madagascans attack the Satugu. Another reasonably large tribe rises in Holland and conquers part of Southern England. Macedon collapses, the Russian and German tribes taking a tonne of land from Macedon while Rome takes the Soilan (OTL Croatian) coast as well as Greece.

Egypt advances North, South, East and West, settling the Red sea and Levant. Wallachia and Anatolia rise up against the shadows of Macedon. Macedon is completely wiped of the face of the planet.

A small Indian kingdom falls prey to the Quilon-Terripur Confederation after they fight a war against Delhi. The Kingdom of Yulan is formed (OTL Tibet). Morocco settles farther south and more of the Canary islands.


The world after Macedon collapses.