The Bedouin are a tribal Arabian ethnic group. They inhabit much of the Middle East. With the onset of the Greening of the Deserts, begun in the 1970s in northern Africa and spreading to Arabia and filling out the Fertile Crescent by the 1990s, many Bedouin have found themselves in an utterly changed environment. This has led to significant lifestyle changes for many. In an era of plentiful resources, many Bedouin tend to travel in larger groups of common patriarchy or linked by marriage - goums. While some continue to herd, many Bedouin now perform roles as policemen and pioneers of the greened deserts. A Bedouin population explosion has occurred in the Maghreb, and while many there are now settled their identity remains strong. Educated in their new towns, many Bedouin go on to work as engineers in the massive global-scale projects such as ASCENSION, or are employed by environmental agencies to monitor the wildlife interactions of the new environment.

A recent trend of Bedouin youths at student age is to study biology and medicine at university. Research suggests this is linked both to inquisitiveness about the environment and the sad fact that many dangerous diseases that emerge through interactions of Terran and Aash'nite flora and fauna are first picked up by Bedouin.

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