Bedřich Pištora
Edward Bellamy - photograph c.1889
Pištora after his first term in Congress (1863)
Born April 7, 1830
Brandýs nad Labem, Bohemia
Title Deputy for Bohemia 1863
Political party Radical Union of the Federation
Religion Hussite Church
Spouse(s) Maria Pištorova
Children Ivana Pištorova, Petr Pištora

Bedřich Pištora is a Czech Politician and Radical in the Interactive AAR


Bedřich was born to Ivan and Mladinka Pištorova on April 7, 1830. At that time it was still the Hapsburg Empire and his uncle Pavel Pištora still a small time lawyar and part time worker for an underground Radical newspaper. In 1841 his father was crushed to death in a tragic carriage accident leaving him and mother nothing. His uncle Pavel quickly took them in to his own home and took care of them becoming a strong fatherly role and role model for the young Bedřich Pištora. Upon the Revolution the family was joyous and his uncle quickly became a major public figure in Prague. His uncle would continue educating and taking care of the family until 1857 when he was elected to represent Prague as a Deputy in Vienna. By that time Bedřich had gone through school attending the prestigious Univerzita Karlova (Charles University) and going on to be a local Radical politician in the city of Teplice or Teplitz. Located in the region of Bohemia general referred to as the Sudetenland he would quickly meet many more Germans and quickly become accustomed to the diversity of the Bohemian state. At the young age of 29, two years after his uncle's election as Deputy, Bedřich was elected to represent Teplice at the state level. He quickly rose in fame due to his popular uncle and strong Radical nature.

Deputy 1863

In the wake of the DRB revolt, a socialist and radical leftist revolt against the government,

Bedrich's uncle had rushed back to Prague to speak and ensure the state did not join in the Revolt. Shortly after he was shot in the chest by a young German member of the Radical Right who had strongly opposed his Liberal and Progressive views. Pavel would not be killed, but the wound was quite serious and he would have to temporarily leave Federal Politics with Bedřich taking his position in the meantime. Bedřich would quickly establish himself as similar to his uncle in politics and supported Radical policies fully. Bedřich would remain for some time with little event involving himself. The revolt ended and shortly after Pavel would return after an early recovery. One point of note was that Bedřich started a short attempt to abolish the death penalty after the DRB leader was sentenced to death.

Return to Bohemia

Upon his return to Bohemia, Bedřich again took up his position in the state legislature eventually becoming one of the most noted Radicals in Bohemia after President Valenta and his Uncle. In 1864 his uncle would run for the Minister Presidency of Bohemia and would secure that after his only opponent suffered a tragic and fatal heart attack.