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Bayern (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)

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Freistaat Bayern
Free State of Bayern
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) Landessymbol Freistaat Bayern
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Bayern (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Blue
(and largest city)
  others French
Religion Buddhism, Taoism
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
President Andrea Fischer
Currency Euro

Bayern is a nation in Europe.


Bayern had a normal history until the Napoleonic Wars, when France had invaded it and turned it into a puppet state. It remained a French puppet until the Second World War. After the Second World War, Bayern was occupied by the allies (without Soviets, however). In 1960 it regained its independence and remained officially neutral, but nevertheless they joined the European Union in 2004.

Länder of Bayern

  • Franconia
  • Oberpfalz
  • Oberbayern
  • Niederbayern
  • Baden
  • Württemberg

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