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This nation has been disbanded after being invaded and annexed by Northern California in 1994.

The Bay Republic is a small nation formed by the San Francisco Bay Area declaring independence after the apocalypse. It is a "caliphate," or a republic, with the Caliph being elected by mayors of all the cities, who are in turn elected by the people.

Bay Republic
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: San Francisco
CaliforniaBetterFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital San Francisco
Largest city San Francisco
Other cities San Jose
Language English
Religion LaVeyan Satansim
Ethnic Group American, Latino, Scandinavian
Demonym Bay
Government Republic
  legislature Council of Mayors
Calif Virgil Baal
Time Zone Pacific



Prior to the apocalypse the Bay Republic was known as the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area was a very productive region, and if it were a nation it would actually be the 20th richest nation in the world in GDP.


On May 4, 1969, or in the Bay calender it was the year 3 Our Era (O.E.) the Bay Republic declared independence from California. The zombie pressure from the border with Arizona lead the state to focus more on the exterior problems and not the interior, and withing months it was noticeable. The Bay Republic, thinking it could manage themselves declared independence, and shortly after California was no more.

Brief History

Influential Figures

Duke Anton Szandor LaVey: Founder of the Church of Satan

Calif Virgil Baal: First elected leader of the Bay Republic who got the nation on its feet

Savior Horatio Zen: Captain of the Gorge

Savior Fredrick Gras: Captain of the Good Omen


Church of Satan

Founded by Savior Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966, this organization has contributed heavily to the Bay Republic. This religious/philosophical organization has contributed heavily to the Republic, from donating weapons and aiding the militia to funding colonies.

Influential Figures

Savior Anton Szandor LaVey: Founder of the Church of Satan

Savior Virgil Baal: First elected leader of the Bay Republic who got the nation on its feet

Savior Horatio Zen: Captain of the Gorge

Savior Fredrick Gras: Captain of the Good Omen



The Savior title is often given by the head of state to a person whom has aided the nation in times of need, for example supplying food to a starving region or winning a doomed battle. Along with the title often comes with a reward fitting for what the award was won for, such as a sergeant who won the award becoming a general.


Savior Anton Szandor LaVey: Founder of the Church of Satan

Savior Virgil Baal: First elected leader of the Bay Republic who got the nation on its feet

Savior Horatio Zen: Captain of the Gorge

Savior Fredrick Gras: Captain of the Good Omen

Savior Derick McGuinel: Raided the former New Crusader outpost at Lake Tahoe during the War of Faith


The Guide title is given by communities to local figures who has aided the community. Such as a mayor who brought a collapsing city to a center of commerce.







The military is comprised of former National Guard soldiers, local militias, and the powerful and influential biker gang the Hells Angels. The military is mostly-modern, with most tanks, ships, planes etc. taken from old military bases in the region, though it also makes some of its own. Currently the Bay Republic has only created one battleship of its own, the B.R.S. Good Omen, named due to most believing that if the nation could build its own battleship it was a good omen, as despite being in a zombie-apocalypse the nation was able to make a fully-modern battleship. The nation also manages to reproduce some arms and ammunition, with the privately run Satanic Arms and Armor Emporium selling both modern-weapons and medieval weapons with a discount to the military.

Due to much scavenging and locally controlled militias the military is unorganized when it come to equipment, with the average soldier carrying:

  • 1 main weapon, melee or firearm
  • 2 secondary weapons, usually a hatchet and small knife and a pistol
  • 1 canteen of a chosen drink
  • 1 set of boots
  • 2 clips of ammo
  • 1 breastplate (leather, plate, chain mail, kevlar, etc.)
  • 1 small meals worth of rations
  • 1 small Bay Republic flag to verify allegiance

Due to the unorganized equipment of the military spies and saboteurs are not too uncommon.

The military is split up into:

  • Militia (local forces that are owned and operated)
  • Sentinels (a federal military)
  • Seabears (navy)
  • Rolling Fog (air force)

The Bay military also has some unorthodox fighting techniques, such as soldiers fully armored in medieval-like gear and weapons, for example a man in plate mail armed with a claymore, which proves at time to be ineffective, so is usually covered by several conventional soldiers. Along with this use of unorthodox military weapons, the nation has also implemented the use of warbears, making it and Poland the only two nations to ever use a bear in the military.

Knights of the Trapezoid

The Knights of the Trapezoid are a knighthood founded by the Church of Satan, but are also members of the military that can be called on, though they answer to the Church first. They are well equipped, well trained, and well respected, but with this quality comes a decrease in quantity. The Knights of the Trapezoid number less than 300, but a single Knight can turn the tide of battle.

The Knights undergo different measures of training from sniping to hand-to-hand combat, and are cho
Badass Trapezoids

A squad of front-line specialized Knights

sen by what they are good at, and their preferences are often taken into account. Knights can begin training at any age below 30, and training usually takes between one and two years. The very first batch of Knights which numbered less than 40 were trained in just a few months as a prototype, most of which are not as good as current ones today, but were still of a very high quality.

Foreign Relations

At War With


New Crusaders

Allied With

Free Alaska

Northwest Federation


North California (to unify)

Alaska (at war with ally)

Russian Tribes (threat to ally)


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