The War of Spanish Succession

The war happens IOTL until the Battle of Blenheim where the Franco-Bavarian army is situated between the river Danube and the villages of Blenheim, Oberglau and Lutzingen. This was a strong defensive position and staved of repeated attacks from the allied forces repelling them with spectacular volleys.On the Allied right, Eugene's Prussian and Danish forces were desperately fought the numerically superior forces of the Elector and Marsin. Prince of Anhalt-Dessau led forward four brigades across the Nebel river to assault the well-fortified position of Lutzingen. Here, the Nebel was less of an obstacle than further down the Franco-Bavarian line, but the great battery positioned on the edge of the village enjoyed a good field of fire across the open ground stretching to the hamlet of Schwennenbach. As soon as the infantry crossed the stream, they were struck by Maffei's infantry, and salvos from the Bavarian guns positioned both in front of the village and in enfilade on the wood-line to the right. They suffered heavy casualties and were forced back across the Nebel.

778px-Battle of Blenhiem - Situation about noon, 13 August 1704

The Battle of Blenheim deployment

As a result of the failed assaults by the allied army they retreated back to Donauwörth with 30,000 troops and abandoning all guns. Taking all the food from the town they marched to the fortress on the Schellenberg Heights and prepared to defend. The retreating army was not harassed as Marshal Tallard was wary of a trap. On finding the Allies camped up on the fortress they layed siege and after four months the troops in the fortress surrendered which caused a massive headache for Marshal Tallard.

As a result of the victory the way to Vienna was layed for the Franco-Bavarian army which they took on 3 July 1705. Austria was knocked out of the war after the Treaty of Munich in which Austria seceded Upper Austria to Bavaria and guaranteed the annexation of Savoy after French troops gained control of the area.

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