Flag of Bavaria (lozengy)


Bavaria! An Empire is the making! Bavaria has risen to be one of the dominant nations in Central Europe. It is one of the few Pro-French nations who do not have a King related to Napoleon I. The Bavarians support the French by choice. It was Napoleon I, after all, that liberated Bavaria from Emperor Franz's iron grip. Prussia was once the dominant state in Germany, but Napoleon I destroyed its power. Now, Bavaria and Saxony are competing for that title. When Baden-Wurttumberg betrayed Napoleon I, Bavaria seized control of the tiny nation. Saxony seems to be preparing for another war, but no one can be sure. South, Switzerland is weak and Bavaria must help this small Alpine ally. North-West, Hessen stands for everything Bavaria hates. Protestant. Pro-British. Hates Napoleon I. Bavaria is surrounded by enemies ...

Recently, Napoleon I, for Bavaria, united all of Germany under the control of the former Bavarian state, very similar to Prussia at the time of German unification in 1870 in OTL.

Bavaria is the reddish-brownish nation in Southern Germany

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