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Kingdom of Bavaria
Königreich Bayern (German)
Timeline: Congress of Vienna - Reinstalled (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Bavaria
Flag of Bavaria.png Bayern-1835.png
Bavaria 1818 CongressofVienna.png
Location of Bavaria
(and largest city)
Official languages Bavarian
Regional Languages Swabian
Ethnic groups  Bavarian, Austrian, Swabian, German
Demonym Bavarian
Government Bicameral Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Maximilian I
 -  Chancellor Ferdinand I
 -  Arnulf Assumes Ducal Title 907
(Duchy of Bavaria) 
 -  Raised to Electorate 1623
(Electorate of Bavaria) 
 -  Peace of Pressburg December 26, 1805
(Kingdom of Bavaria) 
 -  Treaty of Ried October 8, 1813 
 -  Treaty of Paris May 30, 1814 
 -  Constitution Proclaimed August 8, 1818
(Bicameral Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy) 
 -  1810 estimate 3,231,573 
Currency Bavarian Gulden

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